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Before I became an obnoxious I innocently painted “Huntsman” because, y’know, it’s cool looking 🙂. . . . This cheese print is available in my Etsy shop 😛🧀.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Flashback Friday: a recent new follower posted a photo of a beautiful (building? hut?) in the Philadelphia area. 😍 . I painted this at the beginning of the century (lol that sounds dramatic) and it happens to be in a private collection of a good friend and neighbor in Fishtown. So, I get to see it regularly 🍦 .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Slate Ridge" a cross-section of the . 🧀❤️🐐🐄 . Cheesemaker Sheila Flanagan gave me this square wheel of cheese with a rind that resembles ancient rock. Appropriately, it's inspired by the Adirondacks as the earthy flavor suits its appearance. Sheila and her partner Lorraine Lambiase have run and restored their historic barn at Nettle Meadow Farm, in Warrensburg, NY and this award winning cheese producing creamery is also a sanctuary for over 100 animals described as "differently abled" on their website. The cheese pays for the farm's ability to give a happy home to animals that would otherwise be abandoned. . This washed rind cheese has a layer of cow's milk curds and a layer of goat's milk curds separated by a layer of black vegetable ash. It's as funky and flavorful as it looks as the rind is washed with New York Porter and sealed in . They age if for a minimum of 30 days but prefer 60-75 before releasing it. This wheel was extra aged, due to my busy schedule and delay in painting it and this helps boost the peppery flavor and rich creamy texture. Also painting this on a hot summer day, it was inevitable to start to ooze some, causing some beautiful teardrop cheese tears (?) that really demonstrate how creamy the cheese is. . . . . -- original oil painting is 8x10" and available for sale at www.mikegeno.com

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Slate Ridge” a 2 curd + a vegetable ash line from @nettle_meadow_farm 🐐 🐄🧀🇺🇸 👀

Viking Mill

💛 studio visit! 💛 Was so glad that the incredible Mansi Jasani aka @thecheesecollective and THE one force bringing artisanal to India 🧀 🇮🇳. . I love when my stop by the studio to eat cheese, talk cheese, and selfie with portraits 😬 . I a little concerned though, she’s clearly trying to take credit for the “Mount Fuji” painting. 😮. . I’m excited to one day get some to paint! 🙏🧀🇮🇳🎨 Maybe my doesn’t stop at the US border 🤔. .

Viking Mill

Studio is so warm today, I swear this cheese is getting more gooey on my walls 👅. .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Chicory” from @tuliptreecreamery is heading to a new home and that means the 🧀🖼 is available on my site 😍❤️. .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Mount Fuji" 🌋 🧀 named after Japan's most holy Mount Fuji volcano, this incredible goat's milk cheese comes from artisan farmstead maker, Mirasaka Fromage. . . I was fortunate to meet Malory Lane @japancheeseco , an American living in Japan and on a quest to educate, and spread the word of the unique and stunningly delicious artisan cheese made in Japan. It's not being imported regularly into the United States, yet; so it was pure luck to get this gift from Malory. Japan has been making cheese since the 1980s, ed after European classics. The island is unsuited for growing rice, but it is especially rich and optimal for grazing. Dairy animals have a history here and the cheeses made there are utilizing the terrior, the taste of the land. . This goat cheese honors the of many French cheeses before it, but with an intentional resemblance to Mount Fuji. It is dusted in either vegetable ash or chili pepper, leaving the peak bloomy white to playfully resemble the famous "volcano" either "dormant" or "fiery". The flavor is remarkable. The texture is dense and smooth and thankfully resilient and making it possible for me to travel back from a conference and get this cheese back to to my studio, completely intact. . -- original oil painting is 9x12" and available for sale at www.mikegeno.com . . .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Climbing Mount Fuji today. 🇯🇵🧀🎨 . . Via @japancheeseco ❤️

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Chocolate Chunk Cookies” 🎨 was part of commission and that means, there’s a matted, archival print available. 🍪 🖼 . . ? . . 🖼🍪available at mikegeno.com 👍🏼😮

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Checking my I see I need to shout out a Happy Birthday to @marc_druart at @rothcheese in ! . Marc has always been super friendly and supportive to me and my work. . “Roth’s Private Reserve” is an amazing to celebrate with. If you have access to it, go get it! 🧀❤️ . .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Bleu Thunder” from @loverasmarket in 🧀🇺🇸 . This beautiful mild Gorgonzola styled has all the glow of summer with natural annatto seed coloring. . . 20x16” original oil painting is available on my site. ❤️🖼 . . . mikegeno.com

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Happy to have my “Tymsboro” in a new home! I was fortunate to be in a @cheesejourneys Cheddar tour in England this spring and came across one of the last of Mary Holbrook’s cheeses at @neals_yard_dairy . Sadly she passed away last winter and it’s been announced that this cheese will no longer exist 🙁 . Now the 🧀 🖼 is available on my site. . mikegeno.com

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stopped by @rowhousespirits , my favorite distillery, a block away from my studio to have a spontaneous tasting. What better way to start your day in the studio?! 🥃🎨😛 . Meet Dean Browne! . . Dean makes my favorite gin along with a slew of creative gems including this amaro selection that is very unique to the area. . 🥃 STANDARD AMARO: a collaboration with William Reed @standard_tap : herbal liquor with local wine and scorched peaches mingled in an oak barrel William brought over from the bar. . HIGH STREET AMARO: collaborative amaro made with @highstphilly their house tincture, local wines , anise, sassafras root ... . . DEMON WEED AMARO: a first, a whiskey-based amaro collaborating with Tom Baker @bar_hygge , with both ancient and traditional brewing herbs. . . They’re all incredible and INSPIRATIONAL 😍😛 . .

Kiesendahl+Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd.

Starting to plan my exhibition next month at @woodloch It’s going to be so much fun but a good chunk of my cheese, sushi, breads and sweets will only be available there for a few months. 🥖🍞🍖🍣🍰🧁🍭🍩🎂🧀🥐 . . These two lil will likely be included 🧁 🎨

mikegenostudio “Charloe” the stinky star from Ohio @canaljunction 🤩 🧀 My first attempt to post this video was with the song "You spin me right round" but instagram removed it because of copyright issues (which as an artist I totally support). Not sure if it’s really removed since it continued to get likes 🤷🏻‍♂️ . Just cutting up some I was gifted from Canal Junction at the @american_cheese_society conference last week. this tasty washed rind cheese was developed by @fromagebuzz and now that he’s busy making best of show cheeses at @old.chatham.creamery , his parents are continuing this award winning family tradition. 💛🧀 cheese family 👨‍👩‍👧 . Cutting and sharing is good for 💛. . . -- Mike Geno www.mikegeno.com

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