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Yoga Teacher. @theunderbellyyoga Author. support@theunderbelly.com August & September Classes: DURHAM + TORONTO + BROOKLYN



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Toronto, Ontario

! I’ll see you next weekend (August 24-25) at @yogatreestudios. Looking forward to being in community with you ✨ Image: @christinelovehewitt

Think of your thighs. Think of how sweaty they get. Think about how ful it can be to wear your favorite cutters. Think of your . Think of the lake between your cleavage. I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking of the lake in your and the of wearing your cutters. I want more for you. Nay, me and @megababe- we both want more for you. So we’re gonna send you a @megababe gift set containing Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick, Rosy Pits Deodorant, Bust Dust Anti-Boob-Sweat Powder, Body Dust Top-To-Toe Powder, & Rosy Pits Deodorant Wipes. To Enter: 1. Follow @mynameisjessamyn & @megababe on IG 2. Comment below with the music that’s providing the soundtrack of your summer That’s it! Last call for entries is 8/16 11:59 EST- May the odds be ever in your favor ❤️❤️💋💋 Also, you can use “JESSAMYN15” at checkout! EDIT- posted this about .0483737 seconds ago and half of y’all are already on here stanning for @lizzobeeating. @lizzobeeating.+ @megababe = EXTREMELY ON BRAND, Stanley.

I’m teaching in TORONTO at @yogatreestudios on August 24th & 25th- find all ticket info in my bio! I’m very excited to get back to Toronto and I’m officially accepting any and all recommendations, especially those in close proximity to @yogatreestudios and/or @hotboxcafe 💨💨 what are your favorite Toronto spots?

And when they do, what do I do? Do I stop moving. Do I whine. Do I wait for someone else to fix it. These are all options but what is the actual solution? There’s only one option, Stanley. It’s the only path forward. Just keep going. Song is @theroots “You Got Me”

Durham County, North Carolina

Today’s the last day to win a @jadeyogamats from @theunderbellyyoga! Cut off is at 11pm PST, details on @theunderbellyyoga- May the odds be ever in your favor 💋❤️🦄🧚🏿‍♀️

Durham, North Carolina

I really feel like @jadeyogamats are the best in the whole world and since the @theunderbellyyoga is celebrating 50K followers we’re giving one away! I love giving away free shit, it is maybe my most favorite thing, probably because my grandma made me watch @oprah basically everyday when I was a kid. Mad love to @jadeyogamats for being down to partner with us- click over to @theunderbellyyoga to win! Photo by @zoelitakerphotography, Leggings by @k.deer

“I remember walking into my first Bikram yoga class realizing that I was very much the youngest person in the room, and definitely the largest person—both of which made me feel very out of place. But that wasn’t what stuck out to me when I tried yoga for the first time: I couldn't get over the fact that yoga was extremely challenging. Not that I thought it was going to be easy, but I didn't quite realize that I was stepping into something that wasn't exactly beginner friendly. From the overwhelming heat to the difficult movements, I felt so uncomfortable and out of place that I was completely overwhelmed. Somehow I made it a third of the way through the class before deciding to give up. The instructor even tried to convince me to tough it out, but I had made up my mind—I needed to get out of there. I left the class, got really sick and decided I was never doing yoga again. It just wasn’t for me. That was the first time I became aware of my defeatist mentality. I began to realize that I was going into things that made me uncomfortable and decide that I just couldn’t do it and would never be good at it, without giving it my all.” Click the link in my bio to read the rest on @shape ❤️❤️💋💋

Durham, North Carolina

Something I’ve learned through my partnership with Oh My Gut! is that daily stress can take a toll on the gut health of people living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C). Now that’s just frustrating! Luckily, for those people experiencing constipation, abdominal pain, and bloating, there is something that may help manage these symptoms — YOGA! Give it a try, and head to www.OhMyGut.info for more useful tips and tricks and to learn about the condition.

Durham, North Carolina

If weight gain is usually ociated with unhappiness, how come I almost always gain weight during the happy go lucky honeymoon phases of my relationships? Probably bc my hedonistic double cancer burrows into her lovers for weeks (months? years?) on end, refusing to open the door for anyone other than @postmates. Also bc obsessive love can be delicious fun before it gets sketchy & causes truly questionable behavior. I think a comprehensive understanding of chastity is encouraged in because external forms of love and can be intoxicating and distracting from The Truth within. On the other hand, I don’t really care about any of that right now. Enjoying being fat + happy + thoroughly loved this summer 2019. I’ll get back on my @onepeloton game when staying in bed with her + takeout starts being slightly less intoxicating. It is hot as in the old north state. Enjoying the last few days before the heat literally becomes unbearable. 📸 @ashedangerphoenix

Durham, North Carolina

On this International Self-Care Day, there’s probably no better way to take care of your than learning how to properly make love to yourself and @foriawellness Awaken + Masturbation = LOVE. This 100% natural, multi-botanical, CBD-infused arousal oil works with my promoting natural lubrication to heighten all my senses and my . This summer is hot as and not just because of the sun, ya dig? @foriawellness is offering y’all 20% off – use JESSAMYN20 at checkout! 📸 @ashedangerphoenix

Durham, North Carolina

So it took sliding across pavement to clarify your issues, Stanley? It took trying to genuinely figure out if you could wiggle your to understand that the size of your is irrelevant? Damn, - you hard headed as . Grandma was right about that . You can laugh, but and a helmet saved your ing life. Don’t forget it. Your life is bigger than your pants size. 📸 @ashedangerphoenix

Durham, North Carolina

I was in a gnarly scooter accident last night, caused primarily by the fact that the city of Durh gives nary a about road conditions in construction zones. Even though I definitely feel/look like , I’m also feeling so ing grateful for my partners and the way in which they held me and each other down last night/this morning. is ing hard- hoes think that being poly must be a 24/7 bacchanalian feast but it’s mostly just a lot of radical honesty and near constant emotional processing. Mostly it’s processing your own emotions and trying to understand the root of jealousy and love. This is really hard work and I INORDINATELY BLESSED to be in partnership with people who are genuinely doing their own work and making space for me to do mine. Truly, my lovers have been some of the most profound teachers of in my life. So anyway I’m really grateful for the people who love me and hold me down when the universe decides to literally smack the out of me. I will love you forever- even if our paths diverge, please know that you have changed me for the better and a will still love you forever. If only this had been consensual. Grateful that I didn’t up my spine/knees/hips, grateful that my @ilmotor helmet broke my fall (though it didn’t survive the accident), grateful that @honda metropolitans are low key rugged af and grateful for the Durh County couple that stayed with me til my gf arrived and convinced me that a night spent in the hospital would not be a night wasted. (Seriously, RIP to my $200 @ilmotor Bluetooth - a ing expensive investment that literally saved my life.)

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