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Photo by @fred_pompermayer It's amazing how the new generation of big wave surfers are pushing the sport to the next level. This shot is of @lucaschumbo who is one of the ones to look out for.

Photo by @max.lowe // Star man and the Milky Way. Summer skies holding court over SW Montana as camping weather abides. To see more from his Montana summer follow @max.lowe


Photo by @coryrichards | Believing and doubting are very much two sides of the same coin for me. It follows me through life.. I believe I can accomplish the goals I attempt, yet the journey of exploring this potential success is littered with doubt. Or another example would be: Doubt feeds my discernment on the mountain keeping me safe. At the same time, intense doubt can create stagnation, preventing me from going deeper or trying harder, which as result, could end in final failure. Join the conversation about this on my main feed: @coryrichards Pictured here: An expedition teammate sets up a tent while on to attempt summiting Hkakabo Razi, Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain. Shot for magazine’s article “How A remote Peak in Myanmar Nearly Broke an Elite Team of Climbers”. @coryrichards for more stories about the tallest of the world shot for .

Photo @coreyrichproductions | For most of us, every day is a chance to celebrate climbing around the world. Still, happy global climbing day to everyone who has built a life around chasing rock, making friends in different places, and having incredible adventures with people you love.

Two Harbors, California

Photos by @donaldmiralle // In 1932, legendary lifeguard, surfer and paddler Tom Blake wanted to prove his new-patented paddleboards were a seaworthy rescue device by paddling to Catalina Island from the mainland. Blake convinced Santa Monica Lifeguards, Pete Peterson and Wally Burton to train hard and paddle with him from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Catalina Island. On September 30, 1932, escorted by dory boats the three men paddled to Catalina, marking the first successful crossing of the Catalina Channel on a paddleboard. In 1955, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce leaders joined forces with LA County Lifeguard and Manhattan Beach resident Bob Hogan. Together they created and conducted the "Manhattan Beach International Paddleboard Race". The 32-mile marathon would rather start at Isthmus Cove on Catalina Island and finish on the south side of the Manhattan Beach Pier. Tomorrow August 25, 2019 will mark the 41st year of the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race, with world's best paddlers from Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, and all over the US starting their journey in the dark at 6am to paddle 32-miles across the ocean to Manhattan Beach Pier. The Catalina Classic is the oldest and most celebrated endurance paddleboard race in the world and is known as the “Grand-Daddy of all paddleboard races.” I've had the pleasure (and pain) of paddling this race several times, and there is no easy way to traverse 32-miles of open ocean just using your arms. Not to mention adverse current and conditions, massive container ships crossing your path, and large fish and mammals swimming around you. But with proper training and nutrition, and realizing that 100 of your best friends are out in the water suffering with you and your family is on the beach waiting for you, your arms somehow keep going for 5 to 9 hours, when most of your has already begun to fail...Good luck and safe crossing to all my friends and paddlers taking on the channel tomorrow, hope the wind and current is at your back and enjoy the journey!

Photo by @Andy_Best // What our life consists of in an image. Big skies, big smiles, and a simple journey. This and a few dogs is all we have and it's glorious. May you all find your happiness, however it looks.


Photo by @coryrichards | Getting a start on the weekend like… Seen here: @renan_ozturk on our attempt to summit Hkakabo Razi, Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain. Shot for Magazine: “How A remote Peak in Myanmar Nearly Broke an Elite Team of Climbers” @coryrichards for more summit stories from the world's tallest

Mammoth Lakes, California

Photo by @christianpondella | What drives our inspiration as photographers? It can be so many things, the mountains, the ocean, people, sports, adventure, or just the simple solitude one gets during the creative process. For me it’s all those things and I fortunate to live in a mountain town where I surrounded by the inspiration of the beautiful mountains. For this image, I watched the clouds building to the west and knew there was potential for an azing sunset. The beauty of Mother Nature and the solitude with my cera was my inspiration, and so was my road bike. Armed with a tripod, a remote-control trigger, and an off-cera flash, I got to indulge myself with two things I really passionate about. For a good forty-five minutes I played with my cera tweaking the composition while capturing images on my bike. Then sure enough as I was hoping would happen, the sky exploded with color and I captured one of my favorite selfies 😃


Photo by @coryrichards | the demonstration of half dance, half brute…and all mind game. An ice climber in the Alberta Canada’s Ghost River area. for more captured for .

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto | Savannah Cummins (@sav.cummins) on the classic route Anunnaki (5.11+) in Indian Creek, Utah. Annunaki is a super classic route in Indian Creek. So for an assignment this past spring it was high on my list of must photograph routes. My sincere thanks to the rock climbing crew @sav.cummins @angela_vanwiemeersch and @tedhesser who worked tirelessly to help realize these images. Ted climbed up an adjacent route and held a strobe, which was triggered by a transmitter on my camera, to light this climb.

Photo by @fred_pompermayer Perspective can change everything in photography. Love this angle of @nathanfletcher riding the beast.

Photo @coreyrichproductions | We are free in wilderness, where life takes on a different pace, moving forward like water. Taking a break from the river, Beth Rodden (@bethrodden) works out a boulder problem during an exploratory climbing and rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. @tommycaldwell @chris__mcnamara @joshlowell @mortimer_peter

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