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Spearman, Texas

Photo by @ladzinski | A massive supercell swirls over an abandoned car in Spearman, Texas.


Photo by @amytoensing | A mother lynx moves her litter when humans come near so biologists limit their work with newborns.

Fernandina Island

Photo by @thomaspeschak | Sally lightfoot cling to a tide-washed boulder in the productive intertidal zone on Isla Fernandina.

Parque Nacional del Manu - Sernanp

Photo by @bertiegregory | An anole lizard rests on a leaf at night in Manu National Park, Peru.

What's your favorite photo? Check out what caught our eye in this week's selection of from the Image Collection editors | by @stevewinterphoto | by @pitamitz | by @vincentjmusi | by @renan_ozturk

Photo by @nasa | Edward H. White II walks in space for the first time in American history on June 3rd, 1965.


Photo by Herbert G. Ponting | A sled dogs observes a gramophone while on expedition to the South Pole. This image was originally captured in 1911.

Sahara Desert

Photo by @carstenpeter | A silhouetted man cools off with a water tank in the Sahara Desert, Africa.


Photo by @haarbergphoto | A polar bear rests on a floating glacier near Svalbard, Norway.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

Photo by @erikalarsen888 | A girl paints her horse in preparation for the Indian Relay Race on the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes reservation in Idaho.

Gulf of St. Lawrence

Photo by @jenniferhayesig | A harp seal pup peeks its head above ice while learning to swim in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Quebec.

Matterhorn - Zermatt, Switzerland

Photo by @shonephoto | The Matterhorn mountain emerges above the Gorner Glacier under the night sky in Zermatt, Switzerland.

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