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Lily really likes her new hairdo.

On the day @ryansess moved to Spurs, Guy wore the first Fulham kit we ever bought him. Wishing you all the best, Ryan! @fulhamfc @spursofficial

What happens when he wants to go outside.

Best part of the workday...

I kinda had to. This is .

This boy loves himself a ice cream bar.

Showering on vacation.

Yeah, sure, I’ll spend a week here if I must.

Kaylee is on her way to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for a follow-up appointment on her colonoscopy and new medication from last December. We’re hoping for continued good news as it has been about 15 months since her last flare up (the longest she has gone since being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2016).

Lily is thrilled to see @aleksandar_mitrovic_45 sign a long-term deal at @fulhamfc! 🔥

A very nice evening to play with Kaylee.

Throwing rocks into Blaine Creek (off of Yatesville Lake). Passing on one of my favorite pastimes to the kids.

Guy’s ready for his first guitar lesson. I think...

Fan helping warmup @wv_power and Northern Division starting catcher, Jake Anchia. // @mariners

SAL All-Star game in Charleston, WV.

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