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Welcome to the world as seen through my eyeholes. Enjoy.

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Underbelly Bristo Square

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Show: Frankenstein presented by @manual_cinema. Brilliant, thrilling, heartfelt production with jaw dropping ingenuity. Easily one of the most inventive things I’ve ever watched. An absolute must see.

My first board game - AMAZED - is back in stock @Target stores now! Solve puzzles, riddles, and secret codes to PROVE your wits - on a brilliant maze-like game board that opens 16 different ways. It's called AMAZED. Tag a friend to play with - and go get it now @Target! @theory11

Tonight’s special fills me with pride - seeing so many kids gathered together to recognize other remarkable kids and their stories. We MUST empower younger generations to believe in themselves, to strive for greatness, to make a difference. I hope you watch and are as inspired as I was. It was an honor to host - clean shaven, no less..! @wemovement Tonight 8/7c on @ABCnetwork

An Ice Cream Truck and Henry Winkler? I must be hosting - a celebration of youth changing the world. It’s all happening on August 9th  at 8/7c @ABCnetwork. See you then, @wemovement!

The Phantom of the Opera

Took the kids to see Phantom of the Opera - their 13th Broadway show! And, as (un)luck would have it, get this: the chandelier crashed onto the stage at the end of Act One!! (photo by @bruglikas for @phantombway)


If you love sushi, get yourself to Sushi Park in Montreal. The pictures do little justice (except for the shot of Chef Park and me, hello handsomes!), and yet editing them is making my mouth water in appreciation. I need to go back. @parkresto @chefantoniopark

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