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You can’t sit with us. 📸: @sheisdash

Law and Order: NCC (New Cluck City) 📸: @lori_petty

They have their moments.

Workin’ hard or hardly workin. 📸: @greg_vrotsos

😱😱😱 Photo via @oneoldog.

Can't get over that Goonies tee. 📸 via @mattmcgorry.

It’s called art, Brenda. Look it up. 📸: @daniellaofjesus

Did you know Natasha and Laura were directors on 's final season?

Nothing but respect for my Charlie’s Angels. 📸: @yaelstone

Actual perfection. Throwback via @daniellaofjesus!

This girl is on 🔥 Photo via @daniebb3.

Comment with a 😬if you’ve ever been Dascha in this situation. 📸 : @uzoaduba.

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