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Geneva, Switzerland

Breaking News - Mako sharks were just awarded a vital lifeline at ! The ongoing @CITES conference has just voted to protect the endangered Mako shark under Appendix II. This level of protection is critical, but our work is not over yet. This vote must be confirmed at the meeting's final plenary session later this week. Join me, @ShawnHeinrichs and @SeaLegacy in keeping the attention on as we work to ensure that this vote passes. With every signature and every post, you become a part of a movement to create a healthy and abundant ocean. We are grateful for your support! Celebrate with us in the comments and, please, add your name to the petition if you haven't already. The link is in my bio! With @ShawnHeinrichs @BlueSphereFoundation @VulcanInc @thewcs @sharkconservationfund @thelifeofrileynz Photo by @ShawnHeinrichs

I have always been fascinated by human psychology. We seem to rise up and lend our emotion and energy during tragic events and then just as quickly go back to business as usual as if nothing happened. We donate, reach out on social media, tell friends, and then pat ourselves on the back. The fires burning in the Amazon are gut-wrenching to the point of making many feel or sickened. There is an awesome social storm going on. While the Amazon burns, places like Greenland and Alaska and Siberia are also on fire, sea ice is melting in the Arctic and the Antarctic, ocean temperatures rise and coral reefs are dying; permafrost is collapsing in the north, ecosystems have been pushed to their limits, and global emissions are only going to keep accelerating. I know that having everything laid out like this can be overwhelming to take in. I feel it too. But I’m not trying to be alarmist about this; when I say we cannot afford to look the other way on climate issues, I say it because there is probably nothing worse for our earth than apathy and indifference. We need to keep this momentum going and our energy high. I want to wake up the world and unite everyone for a movement to protect and safeguard our Earth. Some of the ways you can help are by donating to organizations working on the frontlines of conservation; you can follow @SeaLegacy and join ; you can reduce your meat consumption, you can sign petitions like to make a difference for Endangered species (link in bio) and make sure your voice is heard. Will you join me?

What emotions are you feeling over the fires in the Amazon? Do you ever feel about the state of our planet? Do you ever feel overwhelmed about climate change and the lack response to the biggest crisis to ever face humanity? Do you ever feel angry about the constant mismanagement of all living resources? Do you ever feel frustrated that industry almost aways prevails over sustainability? If you have answered yes to one or all of these things then please know that you are not alone. So many of us battle with this everyday. There have been times in my life when I tried just shutting down and giving up. I can tell you that it does not make the problem go away and it only makes things worse. It to care but once you start educating yourself, reading, getting informed, and ultimately getting involved, then there is no going back. The only we thing we can do is vote, shop responsibly, eat an Earth friendly diet, sign a petition, support causes you believe in, reduce or stop our consumption of meat, drive less, shop less, have fewer kids, donate to causes and charities you believe in, shop locally and the list goes on. Most of all, don’t be shy to have a voice. Remember, you are not alone. People are terrified of change and they find it easier to attack the messenger than look inwards and reflect on their own personal journey. Find like minded people and support one another. I often hear vegans attack vegetarians and I hear vegetarians attack people who are greatly reducing their meat consumption. No one person is perfect. Encourage them. Just know that a movement has started and we are in this together. This is our last stand for our one and only home. I don’t know about you but I certainly not moving to Mars when, after 4 billion years, we have arrived at evolutionary perfection. This planet will take care of us if we can find a way to take care of her. Thanks for being on this journey with me to this point and there is so much work to be done.


Photo by Charlie Hamilton James @chamiltonjames | Fires raged in the Brazilian Amazon during 2017 in Araribóia, indigenous territory in the state of Maranhão. Some were started by farmers trying to clear land for crops or cattle, others started to cover up illegal logging operations, and some were natural. When these images were shot, the Brazilian Amazon had just experienced its worst year on record for forest fires—now 2019 is likely to eclipse that. Maranhão, like so many other states within the Amazon, has been extensively logged, and just a few pockets of original forest remain. The rest of the land has been turned over to agriculture and cattle ranches. Within a few miles of where these pictures were taken live some of the last remaining uncontacted Awã people—made famous across the world a few weeks ago, when footage of them was released. The forests in Araribóia are protected by a disparate group of underfunded firefighters made up of brave and dedicated Guajajara tribe members, volunteers, and FUNAI (the National Indian Foundation) employees who take on fires, sometimes armed with nothing more than machetes. Repost from @natgeo


Repost from @rainforestalliance: The lungs of the Earth are in flames. 🔥 The Brazilian Amazon—home to 1 million Indigenous people and 3 million species—has been burning for more than two weeks straight. There have been 74,000 fires in the Brazilian Amazon since the beginning of this year—a staggering 84% increase over the same period last year (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil). Scientists and conservationists attribute the accelerating deforestation to President Jair Bolsonaro, who issued an open invitation to loggers and farmers to clear the land after taking office in January.⁣ ⁣ The largest rainforest in the world is a critical piece of the global climate solution. Without the Amazon, we cannot keep the Earth’s warming in check. ⁣ ⁣ The Amazon needs more than our prayers. So what can YOU do?⁣ ⁣ ✔ As an emergency response, donate to frontline Amazon groups working to defend the forest. ⁣ ✔ Consider becoming a regular supporter of the Rainforest Alliance’s community forestry initiatives across the world’s most vulnerable tropical forests, including the Amazon; this approach is by far the most effective defense against deforestation and natural forest fires, but it requires deep, long-term collaboration between the communities and the public and private sectors. ✔ Stay on top of this story and keep sharing posts, tagging news agencies and influencers. ⁣ ✔ Be a conscious consumer, taking care to support companies committed to responsible supply chains.⁣ Eliminate or reduce consumption of beef; cattle ranching is one of the primary drivers of Amazon deforestation. ✔ When election time comes, VOTE for leaders who understand the urgency of our climate crisis and are willing to take bold action—including strong governance and forward-thinking policy.⁣ ⁣ 📸: @mohsinkazmitakespictures / Windy.com

I have spent much of my life surrounded by the raw beauty of the Canadian Arctic - both living and working, as I grew from a boy peering over the edge of a seal hole in the ice into the photographer I today. My favorite place is Lancaster sound, a new marine protected area called Tallurutiup Imanga, home to narwhals, polar bears, belugas and a wealth of other species dependent on sea ice for their survival. Not far from Tallurutiup Imanga is a place where the sea ice is the oldest and thickest in the Arctic - this is called Tuvaijuittuq, and it too has recently been declared an . Together, Tallurutiup and Tuvaijuittuq are a safe haven for marine life from industrial activity. The decision to protect the north from the exploitation of oil and gas exploration, mining and commercial fishing is crucial in mitigating the threats of the climate crisis.

British Columbia

Just a guy and his dogs. They are still weak and tired from their journey and hopefully they learned that running away can be a dangerous affair.

Do you have a preference when it comes to sense of place images (small animals in a large landscape) like the second image or do you prefer portraits of animals? Here are two vastly different images of Arctic foxes. They serve different purposes but to me, they are equally important. If you want to get deeper into the conversation on photography and learn about some of my philosophies and techniques then please sign up to my newsletter (Link is in my bio above).

Churchill, Manitoba

Continuing on with my series of sleeping animals. As a photographer, being a fly on the wall is the ultimate goal. The more relaxed a wild animal is, the more natural it will behave and the better the photographs will be. Then, of course there was the time that a polar bear grabbed a chunk of snow and went to sleep with it like a teddy bear. From my book, Born To Ice!

Our puppies are sleeping practically non-stop after their 2 day sojourn through the wilds of BC. It makes me think about other species who are experts at resting, sleeping and conserving energy. The only goal for baby harp seals is to drink as much milk as possible, rest as much as possible and gain as much weight as possible. Their life depends on it.

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Found. We landed on Vancouver Island an hour ago and after being gone for 44 hours, they responded to @cristinamittermeier calling them, 15 km from their point of departure. They were hiding under a shed at a log sort site along the ocean. Thank you everyone for all of your support and kind messages. I think we need to change their names to Houdini one and two. Thank you everyone for helping us look for them. @phylliskane @davidduchemin @chelsie.x.b @nat.groulx and Dave!

Scroll through pics. Would you take the time to pluck parasites off a large sunfish if it asked you to? I not bothered by much in nature but have to admit that the parasites are quite gross to touch. On the other hand, how can you say no to a fish that looks at you with an eye like that. As one of my heroes, Steve Irwin used to say “ Look at her eye, isn’t she a beauty!” @cristinittermeier and I spent a lot of time plucking this one clean. As did this hungry seagull.

Monterey, California

Have you ever seen an ocean sunfish (Mola mola)? They have to be one of the coolest fish in the sea and they are everywhere here in Monterey Bay, California. They weigh up to 2200 pounds and get to 8 feet in diameter and they are an absolute riot to dive with. I think they are gorgeous. Look at the picture of @aprilbencze swimming next to a large one in BC for a size comparison. Often they follow us around because they want us to remove their parasites from their bodies. Look at the last image of @Cristinamittermeier scrubbing a small one with a boat brush. It did not want her to stop and kept bumping up against the hull of the boat for more parasite removal services. Females can produce up to 300,000,000 eggs which is more than any other known vertebrate. Tragically there is a very large mortality rate from the driftnet fishery and they also eat ocean plastic mistaking it for jellyfish and squid which are their favorite food sources.

Monterey, California

We are back in Monterey to finish strong with the humpback whales and their feeding frenzy on anchovies. What should we shoot next? Are you more excited by pictures of breaching whales or lunge feeding? Please scroll through these pics and let me know your thoughts. The real magic of our work is the slow motion 8k cinematic footage we are capturing that we will be releasing at a later date.

Monterey, California

Back to the humpback whales of Monterey Bay. When I see fog that is thicker than pea soup, I get excited. At some point that fog will burn off and as it does, you get fogbows, dramatic light, mood, patterns and in this case a humpback whale diving down on a school of anchovies. Taken for @sealegacy. Shot on the Sony a7RIII @sonyalpha

Monterey, California

It has been an awesome @sealegacy fundraising mission to and we fly at 5am tomorrow morning to continue filming humpback whales and their relationship to the foundation fish species of anchovies. Shot for @sealegacy with @nathangarofalos @jonmccormackphoto @kyle.roepke, @cristinamittermeier and @siren_excursions

Masai Mara National Reserve

It is hard enough being a mom. Imagine being a mom in a place where there is no place to hide or no reprieve from constant threats. There are poachers, male lions, hyenas and other threats and challenges. It was truly a privilege to have her allow us into her world. . . With @liannanixon and @ericnixonphoto


Announcement below! I grew up in the Canadian Arctic, and have carried it with me everywhere I go since my childhood. Every time I go back it's like going home. Visiting Antarctica is somehow both different and the se; to be there is to feel like I belong. I've dedicated my life's work to sharing these far-off places with the rest of the world because they deserve to be recognized and protected, and because they are important to me the way anybody's hometown is important them. Today, I found out "Polar Obsession 360," a film that I worked on for @NatGeo and which received two Webby awards this past spring, has just been nominated for an Emmy. I honoured, and I hope that this acknowledgement will bring more public awareness to the beauty and fragility of our polar ecosystems. The lives we live everyday have a direct impact on this part of the world. HUGE congratulations to my te! @NatGeo, @blackdotfilmsvr @CristinaMittermeier, @Ladzinski, Ignacio Ferrando Margelí, Frederic Lilien, Shane Moore, @pattersonimages, @RodolfoWerner, @CraigWelch, @andy_mann, Dion Poncet. Thank you te!!

Newark, New Jersey

Monday morning. This is how I feel after a red-eye flight from Monterey, California to New York for @Sealegacy meetings. After 6 nights of fours of sleep, I feeling a little exhausted, a little playful and ready for the next adventure. Learning to sleep like a bear.

Monterey, California

I always love to hear your opinion. Humpback whales lunge skyward while feeding on anchovies in Monterey Bay, California. These two images were taken in the same place on the same day but a few hours apart. Do you prefer the sunset light or the normal daylight? It is hard to imagine that the people of Monterey Bay get to call this home?

Monterey Bay

Epic day of filmmaking of whales in for @sealegacy with @idoaerials and @cristinamittermeier. 🎥 @kyle.roepke

British Columbia

On a rare occasion, if you sit quietly for long enough, you will be rewarded with acceptance by a wild animal. It all comes down to patience, gentle movements and posture. Coastal sea wolves, like this one I filmed on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia, have a unique culture of their own and are, perhaps, a subspecies of wolf. For @sealegacy

Great Bear Rainforest

Turn up your volume. Some people call me an activist, but to be honest, when you look into the eyes of a wolf from 20 feet away and listen to their haunting and mournful howls, how can you not vow to protect all that they are and all that they represent. If caring for wildlife and nature makes me an activist then I proud to call myself one. If I not active then I inactive and there is no time left for the latter. For those who support the work we do at @sealegacy, we thank you for helping create this movement. Filmed while on assignment for @sealegacy with @ryantidman and @scottymbarnes. Edited by @chelsie_x_b

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