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A\w/esome cat rescued from the NY streets. This accnt is run by the humans who found her😈PLEASE RESCUE/ADOPT DONT SHOP!



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Super IMPORTANT! Take a moment to follow the @audubonsociety link in profile and send your statement to the U.S. National Forest Service, tell them NOT to weaken NEPA (The National Environmental Policy Act)! Make you voice heard on this environmentally crushing legislation! The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) established a broad national framework for protecting our environment when it was signed into law in 1970, requiring federal agencies to consider the environmental effects of their proposed actions. Now, the U.S. Forest Service is proposing new rules that will significantly weaken NEPA by eliminating public review for many logging, energy development, and road-building projects.

On my way out of the house... just need to find my hat... 😅👿

Attention BROOKLYN!! FOUND DOG! Contact animalkind veterinary hospital in Brooklyn if you are missing this sweet girl!! I can’t imagine if we were missing Sunny, hope this lady finds her family 😭💔 Repost animal kind animal hospital ・・・ **found dog** This pup was found around 14th st and 2nd ave Brooklyn, and was brought into us last night to us. She’s a female and probably under a year of age (or close to). Currently she is with us, but she will be taken to the ACC. We will update with more information. If anyone recognizes or is the owner of this very sweet gal, please call the office. . . . .

Our friends at @aspca Asked us to share this! all kitten cuddlers! Foster parents are needed across the country. Sign up to save a life and snuggle with kittens all day long. Find a participating shelter near you by visiting ASPCA.org/CuddleKittens ——— 💡ASPCA /PMT FUN FACT: When we first found we wanted to get her medical attention right away, our friend told us about the ASPCA trailer/truck that parked in the lower east side of NYC. We were so relieved that amazing vets were donating their time on a Sunday to spay & neuter & do check ups on cats for a low rate was amazing! We are forever grateful! (💡FUN FACT PMT was considered a “pure-breed” cat so her spay fee was a little more expensive 🤣🤣🤣 )

#👑😈🚚 TO GO This is a rare moment in our house we have been trying to NOT USE BAGS (paper or plastic) and bring our own - it’s easy @baggu has some great recycled ones that pack small.(⬅️ although we do wish they would stop using leather😿 🤔) Wondering if anyone makes a non-disposable/ reusable crinkled bag for cats ? Or maybe ‘s habit needs to be rehabilitated as well 😼

NOTE TO EVERYONE: if you are wearing YOU CANNOT PET MY DOG ! 🤯 THANK YOU Brian May for loving the animals!! 👊🐾🐶🦊🐕 Repost from @brianmayforreal 🙌 ・・・ A Good Morning stretch !! Our Sol-Fa family of fox cubs woke up this morning cuddled up in a ball. They have yet to open their eyes - of naturally they would still have been in a dark hole in the ground - their home ‘earth’ so seeing wouldn’t have been be necessary. Our Save-Me volunteers are looking after them tonight because Anne and I are back down to farming in Devon, on the quest of in cattle, and an end to the futile badger cull. More later. Happy Spring, folks. 💥💥💥💥Check our @anneatsaveme to see these guys learning (not) to chew their own paws !

FOLLOW @centerforbiodiv TO FIND OUT SUPER COOL FACTS ABOUT AMAZING ANIMALS AND HOW YOU CAN HELP FIGHT FOR THEIR EXISTENCE IN THE US (WITHIN THIS HORRIBLE ADMINISTRATION’S EVERYDAY ATTACKS ON THE NATURAL WORLD)!! 😻😻😻 Repost: @centerforbiodiv ・・・ Check out these majestic bobcats on a winter's day in Colorado. Footage: Michael Forsberg http://www.michaelforsberg.com

🥫🍾🍽 Poppin’ cans

Inside The Internet

I told that people who are on Instagram we’re really upset about their “algorithms” and their “likes” and their “brand reach” and she was all 😒 .... Anyway I agree with her. Seek out information and stop acting like this “branding” bs is normal. What if we all just posted about our favorite accounts that share important information about animal rights and human rights? Here’s some of the accounts we suggest keeping up with: @nrdc_org (protecting the land) @centerforbiodiv (protecting endangered animals) @aclu_nationwide & @splcenter (protecting human rights) @shaunking and (the voice of the future - seriously check out the North Star!) local animal rescue heroes: @bushwickcats @nyanimalrescue @socialteesnyc @woodstocksanctuary (& hero @brookelyndb ) @tamerlainefarm (& hero @mikey_deee ) local animal-lover community center @bushwickbark @c.legit5 (oh! and of course @iamlilbub our outer space sister from a Midwest mister who fills our feed with positivity) 💗 share some of your favorites or tag us whatever you feel is right 🤪

Behold the mystery box Such great mystery. Such intrigue... 📦👀😈😳

Mercy Tattoo

SALT LAKE CITY!!! The awesome people at @mercyslc and @the_stockist are doing a fundraiser for animal welfare!! Check it out!!! ❤️❤️❤️😻 Repost @mercyslc ・・・ This Friday, join us and our good friends @the_stockist for a holiday party with a dang good cause! We’ll be raffling off an assortment of great prizes from our friends around the city, selling t-shirts designed by @jakemillertattooing, and raising money for @utahhumane and @saltlakecountyanimalservices! Drinks, food, and fun begin at 8pm, raffle starts at 10.

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