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Automotive photographer. NYC.


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Detroit, Michigan

Top up, top down. Couple more shots of the for the current issue of @topgear. Shot on the @hasselblad

Detroit, Michigan

More from my studio shoot of the for @topgear. Assisted by @casual__male and @justincesler. I wasn’t so sure about the design of the car back when I first saw it, but it has seriously grown on me since. Really excited to see how this car performs and where will take it in the future. Which angle do you like best on the ? Also a quick shoutout to @hasselblad for the test drive of their -100c medium format camera. I used it along with the HC 35-90 lens throughout this set. What a killer combo. I wasn’t prepared for how nice it was to play in post with colors and dynamic range that these two can capture. This rig is about 800% more expensive than my Nikon setup. So was the difference night and day? Not entirely... more like day versus the prettiest part of the day. I was happy with how close a Nikon D850 and a sharp copy of a 24-70 can come to these files, but the Hasselblad files are just that little bit bigger, sharper, and deeper. This was a really special camera to use in the studio. Thanks to the nice folks Hasselblad in NYC for hooking this up literally at the last moment!

Barber Motorsports Park

This was a good day. A perfectly restored Lotus Eleven, sunshine at Barber Motorsports Park, and the legendary Peter Egan writing the story for Road & Track. I grew up reading Peter Egan’s stories in the pages of R&T. Never imagined I’d work with him someday. In person he looks like if Harrison Ford and Sam Posey had a baby. We ate barbecue and he told stories and he even said “Barb” a few times. Check out the story in the current issue of @roadandtrack

New York, New York

Over the river and through the woods (with a stop in Atlantic City) in the GT-R50 for @topgear

New work for @topgear / @tomwookieford and I spent four days with the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign starting in New York City and ending up at NASCAR’s Monster Mile in Dover, DE. I loved the color combo on this car


New work for @topgear / most people don’t look at a 1.2M concept car at an auto show and think “that’ll make for a good road trip” but @tomwookieford is not most people. Had a blast sharing the cabin of the Nissan GT-R50 with him for four days around the East Coast. He’s a fine dude. Loads more pics to come - grab a copy of this month’s Top Gear to see it in print.

Barber Motorsports Park

One of the prettiest sports cars ever made. Lotus Eleven for @roadandtrack

Detroit, Michigan

Oh hi it’s me the mid engine Corvette I’m sure you haven’t seen a single picture of me today so here you go @roadandtrack

Detroit, Michigan

When @roadandtrack asked me go to Detroit to shoot the for the magazine I was pretty stoked... then I found out GM was giving us one (1) hour with the car. And they meant it. An hour after we walked in we were back on the sidewalk. No pressure... 😁

Formula E / NYC E-Prix

Finally got to visit the road race down the street from where I live. The New York E-Prix was a scorcher. Is it weird that the power went off in Manhattan afterwards? @jaguarracing @jaguarusa

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Car-to-car shots are one thing, but car-to-Formula-One-car shots are ... madness. I accompanied @thatsamsmith for @roadandtrack to Indianapolis where he drove Fernando Alonso’s Monaco winning 2007 McLaren MP4-22 around the road course. The car is now privately owned and the very nice man gave Sam some seat time during a shakedown for this month’s cover story. As the day wound down, we were given a tiny window to get our tracking shots. No sweat, we’ve done this before. Right guys? As it turns out, if you ask an F1 car to go slowly for photography, it will reply: 🖕 So we used a little strategy. Namely, a Z51 Corvette driven by Mr. Smith, while the McLaren’s owner gave us one lap. In truth the McLaren did three laps; he’d pace us for a third of the track then blast away to cool down, reappearing behind us in what seemed like no time at all. I don’t know how fast we were going exactly - it was hard just keeping my eyes behind the camera - but Sam said afterwards that he was driving the Corvette at 9/10ths. Anyway, here’s the result. Hovering over the gearbox of an F1 car roaring onto the main straight at Indy is something that I (and my ears) will never forget. Swipe right for the glamorous behind-the-sunburn shot courtesy of @laurettacr13

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Latest cover for @roadandtrack featuring Fernando Alonso’s 2007 McLaren MP4-22 Formula One car over the bricks at Indy. @thatsamsmith actually got to drive the thing. Pretty cool day.

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