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Ilhan Omar

Proudly Representing Minnesota's 5th District in the People's House


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1517 Longworth House Office Building Washington, District of Columbia

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I couldn’t be prouder to serve Minnesota’s 5th District in Congress. Every day, I have an opportunity to serve a vibrant and diverse community of Minnesotans in the people’s House. I can’t wait to continue making progress with you in the months ahead!

We will not bow down or let anyone dim our light. We are going to fight together to solve the issues that arise regardless of our background or how we are perceived.

It’s time to work together and find solutions to address⠀ Climate crisis⠀ Student debt crisis⠀ Housing crisis⠀ Refugee crisis⠀ Healthcare crisis

Visiting the “Door of No Return” was a reminder that we must not forget the past if we seek a better future.

I joined my colleagues on a trip to Ghana, Africa to pay respects to the first enslaved Africans landing in America. We visited Cape Coast and Elmina Castles and “Door of No Return” to commemorate the 400th anniversary. I would like to thank Ghana’s President @nakufoaddo for hosting an important discussion that we must work together to overcome global security and build a more sustainable world to combat climate crisis.

Today marks the 54th anniversary of Medicare & Medicaid. These social programs have served millions of Americans over the past decades and are vital to our country.

The Zero Waste Act will:⠀ ♻️Create jobs⠀ ♻️Increase domestic manufacturing⠀ ♻️Reduce greenhouse gas emissions⠀ ♻️Clean our waterways⠀ ♻️Protect the health of our communities⠀ ♻️Save energy & money for businesses⠀ ♻️Grow the economy⠀ ⠀ This is a key part of the

Every time we have pursued the kind of multicultural democracy we deserve, it's always been met with challenges. Don't allow the attacks to diminish your voice. We all have the opportunity to rise more than we have risen before. 💪🏽

Medicare For All is the solution that will cover all Americans. ⠀ Thank you @repjayapal @erinformn @melisa_franzen Dr. Dave Dvorak and Rose Roach for joining Medicare For All Town Hall.

We were sent to Washington to lead with our values Equality Diversity Freedom and we will continue to push that agenda forward. ✊🏽

Medicare for All.⠀ A Green New Deal.⠀ An end to mass deportation and human rights abuses at the border.⠀ ⠀ We are not fighting for the agenda of beltway elites.⠀ We are fighting for the people’s agenda.

Paying Delta employees a living wage ✅Will not hurt corporations’ profit. ✅Will help American families afford the basic necessities. ✅Will help small business economy thrive. Everyone deserves to be paid a living wage.

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