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Hi, I'm Richard. Rescued from an LA public shelter in 2012 when I was 2 years old. Adopt adult animals! TeamRichardKitty@gmail.com


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If you need a few words of encouragement from Richard 📣📣😴

Sleepy Sunday 💤

Happy from this lil fluffball!

blep on a walk 👅

Richard’s go-to hiding spot when the dryer repairman comes over: under the coffee table ☕️

We’re on vacation in Hawaii so my mom offered to take care of Richard while we’re gone. Looks like he’s showing my mom a good time! 🌴

Richard kept sniffing and staring this pile of cables. At first, we thought he really liked cables. Then he walked over to us, meowed, then walked back to the cables again. Then I realized: “Oh! The cable pile is in his sun spot!” Richard wanted us to *move* the cables so he could lie down. As soon and we moved the cables, he took its place, rolling around in the sun spot and took a nap (2nd pic)

He’s so vocal!! Chattin’ about Fridays with Richard 🐱

He loves nori 😻 🇯🇵 If I leave it unsupervised, he will cat burglar it 😼 (I pulled this big piece away, but if you want to watch him eat it, I gave him a little piece in my IG story 👆🏽)

I love when I catch him doing a deep investigation of a scent (Flehmen Response)! He found something interesting in the carpet (is that where I dropped the Cheetos??) and is transferring the scent to his Jacobson’s for further study, allowing him to both taste/smell it. So weird and cool!!

*paw twitch* What do you think he’s dreaming of? I’m guessing he’s finally getting to pounce on that plump mourning dove that hangs out on our patio! 🕊

Post-lunch snooze 😴

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