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She’s not even two yet, and is all smitten about a boy named “Bawwwby”... who is this Bobby??? No No No 🚨🚨🚫🚫🆘🆘

Once the again the legend @richforever blessed the Ridiculousness stage today. To celebrate Port of Miami 2 being the number one hip hop record in the country, we had to gift him with the custom White on White @cccxxxiii backpack. He’s an amazing guest and a true Boss. Go out and pick up that Port of Miami 2! @dyrdekmachine

Amazing 24 hour adventure to one the most beautiful places I have ever been. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. The great @edmylett called me up and asked if I would be open to speaking to group of entrepreneurs that are apart of his & @andyfrisella’s group, the @aretesyndicate. Of course in true Ed style, he sent his jet to come swoop me and @bryianadyrdek up. First stop was to pick up the magical @drjoedispenza before heading out to Idaho. A few hours with Dr Joe was as enlightening as it was inspiring. We touched down in the beauty that is Coeur D’ Alene, and jumped right onto a boat for an evening of drinks and dinner at his home. The following morning I had a chance to share my philosophy for building businesses with an amazing group of hungry driven entrepreneurs. Thank you Ed and Andy for inviting us out & treating us to a first class experience. We had an amazing time!

Beverly Hills, California

These new @cccxxxiii briefcases are finally in stock... Time to toss out that old Louis bag and start rockin the new new 👋🏽💼 @dyrdekmachine

Los Angeles, California

TONIGHT! Pro Bowler and quite possibly the greatest athlete in all of the NFL, @kingmel54 joins us at 8pm! @dyrdekmachine

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife and amazing mother of Kodah and Nala, @bryianadyrdek. We love you more than giant cutout heads and full pink everything could ever show. 💖💘💕💖💕💖💗💝💝💘💖💕💘💖💗💓💞💓💞

Los Angeles, California

TONIGHT! We’re back with 2 brand new episodes! @grantgust joins us first at 8pm! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @dyrdekmachine

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅

Los Angeles, California

TONIGHT! The super talented singer/songwriter @treysongz joins us at 8pm! 🎤🕺🏽 @dyrdekmachine

Thankful for another amazing year of life. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Here’s to another year of elevation and growth... forever defending health, wealth and happiness 🎂🥂🙏🏼

This kid didn’t want to believe his dad was running the Midwest skate game back 89’. Needed to take him up into the attic of fame to show him that hardware.🏆🥇

Los Angeles, California

Tonight! IndyCar Champ and Tennessee’s finest, @josefnewgarden races his way on down to the @Ridiculousness stage. Two new episodes starting at 8pm on @mtv. 🏎🏁🏎🏁🏎🏁 @dyrdekmachine

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