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Rose Bowl Stadium

@therollingstones @nasa @nasajpl R U kidding me ?!?! What a sincere thrill / pleasure, to walk out to my boys music in front of 60k at ... To Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie ... @davynewkirk @jeanneyangstyle (🎥 @jimmy_rich )

Sometimes the world does seriously cool stuff... Huge thanx to @therollingstones and @nasa @nasajpl

Tonight...🎸🚀🔭💥 @therollingstones @nasa @nasajpl ... (🎥 @mo_freek )

Hermosa Beach Pier

Thanx guys ( Nico, Michael, Matthew, Joy, Lola, Aliyah, Jake, and Chinguun ) what a blast !! The Iron Youth are a formidable group and the Stark legacy is in more than capable hands... @marvelstudios @avengers @teenchoicefox @davynewkirk @jeanneyangstyle ( 🎥 /📸 @jimmy_rich ) ♥️U3000

I can see it now ! @offcamerashow episode coming this from @samjonespictures ... @davynewkirk (📸 @jimmy_rich )

“Suit up, show up, records gonna blow up !!!” ...

Wanna make ??? The has yet to !!! @avengers special thanx @ogpepper

Get a re release on life and make ,,,,, c’mon, there’s “new stuff” and everything...

The Hague, Netherlands

Congrats to Sifu Eric Oram and Sifu Don Schouten for completing the 3500 mile road trip around Europe spreading the good news of and thanx to for providing a worthy vehicle... Much

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