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I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Wife = @hachithecat 😽 Dad: @sixtysix



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Chillin’ with my lil human brother, River ❤️ you can give him some love at @beginningofariver 🤙🏽

We are doing great ya’ll - that little human is 7 months now, soon he’ll be all over us. This is us after a meeting 👶🏻😳

This is why we’ve been busy. A new member of our family is here. My little human brother .. River ( @beginningofariver ) My parents are super happy! ❤️😽

Me and my bro @phoenixtheig ❤️


Welcome home daddddddd ❤️

Chillin’ with ma brahhhhh 🤙🏽

No you cant see us. We camo!

What Monday is not weekend? Get outta hereeeee!

Whyyyyyyyyy ...

Come join us hooman?

Guess who’s back! Yes we are all still alive and well, incase you guys are wondering. It’s been a very busy first quater of the year that’s all. Back to normal schedule! ❤️ ps. I miss you too! 😽

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