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Proud son, brother, uncle, friend & dad to my lab Georgia. Passion for music, food, travel, art & bringing smiles to kids in hospitals across the U.S.


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Lucky to do what I do with the best team around. Happy to all the DJs out there, and to our listeners who’ve become part of the @onairwithryan family :)

Whoever told ‘90s Ryan he had boyband potential...lied.

My copilot this a.m. @vanessahudgens

This is us...with @miloanthonyventimiglia

29 years ago when I was an intern at STAR 94 in Atlanta, with no clue that I would one day be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Thank you to everyone who voted, whether it was by choice...or if the @onairwithryan team wore you down. It’s a dream come true!

A taste test after every step. My kind of enchilada recipe.

We couldn’t do @livekellyandryan without @gelmanlive...but we could definitely do without his Wednesday workout videos. Happy bday Gelman!

The day we all forgot to pack swimsuits

Trying out the rugged look. Wish me luck!

Such an incredible day at @ChildrensATL with back-to-back visits from @ShawnMendes and @AlessiasMusic! The kids will be wearing those smiles for a very long time. Thank you both for making this happen :)

Back on @QVC tonight at 7p ET! If you buy @POLISHEDForMen, DM me your receipt. I’ll eat a PB&J sandwich for every 10 screenshots I get. If we sell out, I’ll do an Instagram Live of me eating a giant one. You can buy POLISHED now - link in my bio!

My niece is clearly not happy about getting carded at dad’s bday brunch

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