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Influencer | Fashion star | Family | Travel Business inquires: RyanSecretJr@gmail.com Account managed by mom: @kingsandra_ 👇🏼 New YouTube videos



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My favorite kisses in the most magical place on earth! ❤️ Of course, in most comfortable shoes, Adidas. How awesome are Ryan’s night runners! 😍 Both our shoes from @hibbettsports ❤️

You guys! I so thrilled to let you know, that I a part of Walmart’s Toy board! :) @Walmart has THE BEST toys for 2019! How do I know? Because they are rated by kids, like ME! :) I so excited that I get to be a part of it and I will let you guys know the top toys for this season, so it’s easier for parents to start on the holiday gift hunt at America's Best Toy Shop! ;) Stay tuned, because I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite toys from https://www.walmart.com/toys!

Sometimes he wants me to take him to Disney Springs for the best giant donuts and to take some awesome photos 😊🖤 Shirt: @nununuworld, shorts: @oneteaspoon_

Summer walks around Disney before school starts! And shoe envy is serious over here, I swear their shoe collection is better then mine 🙈 Thank you @hibbettsports for these awesome, trendy, stylish and colorful sneakers! .

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes determination and hard work.

Business & Calls 📱

Touchdown ✈️

He has grown so much... he makes me look short. Lol. Im 5’7 btw 😆 swipe to see Ryan’s favorite outfit from @babyshop ❤️❤️

My baby is 8️⃣‼️ it just makes me sad, how fast time flies! Thank you God for choosing me to be his mom, Junior you are such a special blessing, such a special boy, i can not even put into words how much i Love you ❤️ Always stay a kind boy that you are , this world needs more humans like you ❤️ And thanks to all of you for wishing him a happy birthday and staying supportive throughout his journey 😊❤️

Disney Springs

My pumpkin turns 8 tomorrow!! 😭 Pre-birthday festivities in this cutest outfit from @babyshop ❤️

How is everybody spending their summer? Ryan is enjoying the comfort of his new @skechers for walks with mommy :)

Who else loves neon?? We are obsessed with these neon shoes from @hibbettsports 😍

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