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This is Sam. He has eyebrows.



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New York, New York

Just a cat inspecting his garden 🌱

New York, New York

The vicious beast surveys his fort...only to be distracted by a sneeze.

New York, New York

What you actually look like when you type ‘lol’

Sam, do you wish it was Friday?

Whoever thought of making a nip flower toy is amazing. Thank you for the flowers, @katvondbeauty !

New York, New York

And now for a nap after an exciting win for the Women’s US Soccer team. 🇺🇸

New York, New York

And just like that, he’s a devil, again. 😈

New York, New York

An angel among us 🙏😇

New York, New York

The great escape...attempt.

An empty box? For me? You shouldn’t have!

Believe it or not, sometimes Sam isn’t very graceful.

New Orleans, Louisiana

People let me tell you ‘bout my best friend...

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