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If anyone is looking for those last days of summer book recommendations, I offer a few among many I have read over the last couple of months. All wonderfully different, informative, illuminating, heartrending, surprising and worth your time. And to whomever sent me Edward Renehan's Pete Seeger book, I thank you. Authors all, thank you!!! X,SJ PS please don't ask me to pick a favorite. I cannot. Will not.

And the answer is? Thanks @buzzrtv for the nightly available ride in your time machine. X,SJ

I'm hoping this is good luck. X, SJ

Bellagio Las Vegas

The cherry on the sundae. The icing on the cake. And the best part of all of our days spent at any @SJPCollection boutiques are the people I meet and the hugs I get. I'll be @Bellagio TODAY around 11am for Round 2. X, SJ

Spin one time, the next thing you know you’re in Vegas. I’m spending the better part of the weekend starting today at @bellagio at 3:30p at the @sjpcollection boutique. See you all there! X, Sj

Object in photo is closer than it appears. X,SJ

Long time companions. Flight must have's X, SJ

They all hold a special place in my heart. X, SJ

This is it—your very last chance to come to NYC with a friend and join me for an amazing shopping trip! We’ll try on anything you want at an SJP Collection boutique and I’ll send you each home with any 2 pairs of shoes you want. Best of all, every donation supports Opening Act. ENTER at omaze.com/sjp @omaze X, SJ

@divorceonhbo February 24th, 2015- March 11th, 2019 Concluding tonight 10p on @hbo Along with my brilliant sparring partner came the following who made every day on set like a master class in acting. @theofficialsuperstar @taliabalsam @itsbeckinewton @kesslerkilgore @sterlingj123 And sometimes @amysedaris There were extraordinary DP's, Directors, showrunners, writers, costume designers, hair and makeup teams, dolly grips, electricians, production designers, onset costumers, sound mixers, boom operators, riggers, teamsters, carpenter's, Onset painters, greensmen/women, caterers, crafty teams, producers, grips, post production teams, on set photographers, my producing partners at Pretty Matches Productions, music supervisors, and endless talented actors who came in for a day, a week, 2 episodes or 4 lines, women and men and buckets of talent who all made the day fun, surprising, challeging and time well spent. Of course our audiences. Forever in gratitude. And @hbo who gave me a home. Again. X, SJ

@divorceonhbo Final episode tonight 10p @hbo

February 24th, 2015 day 1 of pilot, episode 1 of @divorceonhbo , the only man I ever wanted to play opposite, be in combat with, struggle, love and try to divorce on a show we were producing called "Divorce" He said "yes" . Robert came alive in his deft, funny, skillful, loving and deeply talented hands. I knew I was right. Forever grateful Mr. Church. X, SJ Final episode @divorceonhbo tonight on @hbo 10 pm

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