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Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator. I told you I'd be back. TikTok and Snap: ArnoldSchnitzel


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Silicon Valley Comic Con

Ran into John Milius at Silicon Valley Comic-Con. Yes, I talked to him about his King Conan script.

Happy birthday to my dear friend, the great visionary @jamescameronofficial. As you know, @terminator changed my life, and I always love working with you, going on motorcycle rides together, and fighting for a clean energy future side by side. You are a big reason that I can never call myself self-made. This early storyboard you drew for Terminator reminds me of your big vision, and I cherish it.

to checking on my back 3 days after that guy kicked me.

South Africa

🐘🐘It is , so here’s a throwback to when my team and I were chased by a beautiful elephant on a safari in South Africa. We need to do all we can to preserve these beautiful animals - they are not trophies. If you think they are, you’ve obviously never won a real trophy.

Wow. Absolutely inspirational. I so proud of you. You take “don’t be afraid of failure” to a whole new level! REPOST from @its.diong: I finally faced my fear I can’t believe I actually sw on my own having Cerebral Palsy it’s really hard to swim by myself usually I’ll have someone help me swim but this time I wanted to do it all on my own 👏🏾 I’m so happy

For more than five decades, you have been my training partner, my chess opponent, my best friend. Happy birthday @francocolumbu, thank you for bringing so much joy to my life.

McClellan Air Force Base

It was fantastic to join Governor @GavinNewsom and @calfire to see CA’s new firefighting aircraft. The best firefighters in the world deserve the best equipment in the world. And now they’ll have it.

Schpatzl, you have the biggest heart and the sharpest mind. Happy birthday! When I think about the best moments of my life, you sleeping on my chest beats every movie premiere, every fundraiser, every contest. I’m so proud of you and I love you.

It was fantastic to host @fcbayern at my house in Los Angeles! Great food, great friends, and a few wild animals.

San Diego Comic Con

We had a great time showing the crowd at Comic-Con some badass, R-rated footage. But I want to focus on the fans. Thank you to all of you for your passion and your energy. I know a lot of you camped out all night to be in that room with us, and I can’t tell you what that means to us. @terminator

GET TO THE REDDIT!! Join us for an AMA with the whole @terminator gang right now. LINK IN MY BIO

I’m waiting.

It’s time to terminate gerrymandering once and for all. Link in my bio. @usatoday @govlarryhogan

Supreme Court of the United States

These days, Republicans aren’t expected to take a stand against partisan gerrymandering. But as a governor and a former governor, @govlarryhogan and I have seen firsthand the terrible dangers of what President Reagan called an “anti-democratic and un-American practice.” Link in my bio.

What happens when you combine a fantastic Austrian accent, a beautiful mustache, a gorgeous wig, and a new job selling cars? This happens. Go undercover with me and non-profit @electricforall. Learn more about all the great electric models available at electricforall.org

Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy your time with family and friends today as we celebrate our great country. I’m grateful to the United States every day for welcoming me with open arms and making my dreams into realities.

What was your favorite one-liner from Howard’s new video? Let me know in the comments! LINK IN BIO

James Cameron and I have teamed up again. This time to terminate outdated myths about protein, strength, and performance. Get your tickets to @gamechangersmovie before they sell out. Do it. Do it now!

Would you buy a car from these guys?! LINK IN MY BIO!! Credit: @gujsehambi on Twitter

I’m going to be promoting this video until everyone sees it, so I’d love your help. If you guys make a gif or a meme out of it that I use, I’ll give you credit. This one was hilarious. LINK IN BIO! Credit: @richvoorhees87 on Twitter.

Howard is back and he’s ready to kick some GAS! Link in my bio.

“You want a tax credit, or do you want to have street credit?” LINK TO FULL VIDEO IN MY BIO @electricforall

LINK IN MY BIO! ‪I’m back... as Howard Kleiner. This time I went undercover as a used car salesman to help non-profit @electricforall share the benefits of electric cars... by selling the opposite.‬

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