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Jon Brown

Knives/tactical gear/sneakers/machining


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I started turning some that micarta I got from @g.l._hansenandsons, into rod form.

Same knife and same photo. Basically.

Carrying the @scotthansen_ Onyx

That inlay has a good fit, wouldn't ya say?

The first step in turning rectangles into rods, is turning rectangles into squares. This is a bunch of Micarta I got from @g.l._hansenandsons

Jeremy Marsh Pickle that I picked up at Blade Show this year.

Mail call from @scotthansen_ Onyx with orange g10 showside, and Ti lockside with Zirc accents.

Posted in my Facebook Group by @houndstoothzombie

Anodized Titanium Pigeon Tag/Pendant 107.50 shipped to your door if anyone would like to claim it. If you're International, it will cost a little bit more because of shipping. Thanks in advance everyone.

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