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🖤Model | Conceptual Artist 🐺Atlanta, GA 🕯Book Now : shadoweiseley@gmail.com See More On Patreon!



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Shot with @emileobscura yesterday! I’ve admired her work for a while now- she’s an incredibly creative photographer//Jill-of-all-trades. She also did a really rad job on my outfit/make up. These will be out for your viewing pleasure soon, but I wanted to share these previews 🖤 . . .

Happy Birthday to me! 31 is looking and feeling so great. Can’t say I feel like an yet, but I come to appreciate myself more and more, with every year I continue to survive on this planet. Shameless leonine moment, but if you wanna gift me a little Birthday Boost to go get art supplies today, you should bless my cash app $shadoweiseley 🖤 . . .

Little Five Points

“You know what I want, babe? Cool guys like you out of my life” . . . Shoot with @justinstruggles and BTS up on Patreon . .

Kirkwood, Atlanta

Look At Me Through Rose Colored Glasses- It’s August 1st so to celebrate the commencement of my birth month, and cause I love y’all, I published two posts on Patreon today. Got some BTS from my last shoot featured with Justin, and for all patrons this set with @danalmasy is now available! . . .

Kirkwood, Atlanta

“The room is on fire / invisible smoke / and all of my heroes / die all alone” This moody set with @justinstruggles is on PATREON now, available for the $5 tier and up. Thank you for loving what I do as much as I do. 🖤 . . .

Leo Season is finally upon us! Leo energy brings us fire, boldness, independence and fearlessness in being ourselves. As a Leo, I’ve always believed that the opinions of others don’t effect me, but in truth I’ve never been exempt from those insecurities. When I was younger I felt more like a boy, or at least not like a girl. I didn’t shave, I would bind my chest with masking tape (bad idea) and I’d wear ‘boy’s clothes’. This was not well received by people around me. I was repeatedly told I was too pretty and too to look like a boy, I was wasting my femininity, I was laughed at behind my back for not shaving under my arms, and I had a boyfriend who would pluck out my leg hair with his fingers when we were together and tell me if I shaved my then he wouldn’t have to do it. Gradually I got shamed into emcing my feminine side, which, is still a part of who I am, but it caused me to stop exploring anything else. I also loved heavy eye make up and black lipstick and fishnets. But through being ridiculed by my mom and people around me telling me I looked like a clown and was prettier without it, I stopped wearing any of it. I’ve slowly started bringing out my weird make up, fishnets, spikes, and occasionally trying to look more masculine. But now I get compliments for it, and it’s well received. I don’t feel particularly ve for doing whatever the I want this time around, but thankfully I don’t feel insecurity over it either. (And in 2019, I don’t have to think twice about not shaving my ). There’s still some looks, like wearing see through shirts with no underneath, that I’ve tried to play with that DO make me feel terrified but I’m trying to not let that stop me. Leo energy is all about being ve and being unique (and also fashion, sweaty)! So lets all soak in this energy and embody it and go out there and be your weird self! 📸 - @justinstruggles

Kirkwood, Atlanta

Cruelty wins in the movies // I’ve got a hundred thrown out speeches I almost said to you 📸 - @justinstruggles

Cabbagetown, Atlanta

BTS with @saydoer today- waiting for my underarm to dry (s/o to @wearejustpals for on point bts content) . . .

Historic Oakland Cemetery

NOW BOOKING - any photographers in the ATL and surrounding areas contact me if you’d like to shoot! I got concepts, outfits, make up, and a desire to make cool with you 📸 - @danalmasy . . .

Candler Park

Today I’m thinkin’ about the things that are deadly / The way I’m drinkin’you down/ Like I wanna drown / Like I wanna end me 📸 - @danalmasy . . . forhire #

Kirkwood, Atlanta

It’s not throwback Thursday yet, but patience was never my strong suit. Here’s a shot from 2017, when I’d only been living in Atlanta for a month or 2, and I had a photoshoot with Fransisco Vasquez. I was not as confident back then as I now, but I really love this particular shot. . . . ing forhire

Decatur, Georgia

Been suffering from perpetual burn out for the past couple months and never feel like I’m able to catch my breath. All I wanna do is create stuff but my brain is being held hostage by a constant crash mode trying to do a million different jobs and keep my head above water. I just wanna get in my car and drive somewhere far away and new again. 📸 - @justinstruggles

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