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This photo makes me think of a nice cold lime margarita, well actually the only thing I’ve been thinking about lately...gimme a break, it’s been a minute 🙄 ☀️🍹🤰🏻


Bump, bump, bump on full display again today for another fun shoot. Might end up wearing a diaper 🙈 Watch my latest episode of ‘Almost Ready’ on YouTube to see what I’m talking about - and leave some questions in the comments on the video! Just might do a Q&A tomorrow with someone...

If you would have stuck to rooftop hotel pools, you wouldn’t have had this problem @corinnefoxx ! Omg i’m so excited to see this! (said from land) 😎 @47metersdown

This is what every LA person has to do on the anniversary of the day they moved to LA


Slowly transitioning my career to be exclusively hand modeling 🙌🏽

Every @beis bag is special to me, but getting to watch our new limited-edition BÉIS Mesh Tote come to life at a factory right down the street from our LA office, was a such an eye-opening experience. There’s a lot of love in these LIMITED run bags - only 300 of them! I have number 1 (that’s fair though, right?), but 2-300 will be available starting August 13th! 🙌🏽 Tag a friend you know would also want this!

NOVEMBER 15th !!! @dollfaceonhulu

NOVEMBER 15th !!! @dollfaceonhulu

Can’t believe someone got a photo of me fresh out of the shower - didn’t even see them there 😉 (thank you @artyficial for holding up the towel for our backdrop)

Feel like I’m back in Mexico with this LA heat 🔥

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