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Thanks to everyone who came by our stand at the Quail yesterday!

A few more of the sights from the 10th anniversary Singer Soirée

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2019 Singer Soirée and celebrated our tenth anniversary with us!

We’ve landed in Monterey! Come by and say hi if you’re at the @mccallsmotorworksrevival

Singer is beginning our 10-year celebration at Monterey Car Week from August 14th to 19th. There will be over 25 Porsche 911s Reimagined by Singer roaming the peninsula over the course of the next week. So we’ve teamed up with the folks @petrolicious to encourage a bit of car-spotting. Spot one of the Singer restorations in the wild and post a shot on IG using both AND At the end of the events we’ll select our favourite shot to win a private tour of our LA shop and a 1-year Petrolicious Premium membership. For those in town, we’ll be @mccallsmotorworksrevival tonight with our friends @hagerty and a very special car.

Last week we pulled together a group of cars for an evening photo shoot. These machines represent a snapshot of the collaboration with our clients over the last ten years. They will all be on the Monterey peninsula for Car Week this year, along with a formation of Porsche 911s Reimagined by Singer. If you’re planning to visit we’ll be at: McCall’s Motorworks Revival - Aug 14th The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering - Aug 16th Werks Reunion - August 16th The cars will also be running in the surrounding areas throughout the events of Car Week. We look forward to seeing some of you there in person and we’ll be sharing updates here in the coming days. Cars in image, clockwise from front: Singer Racing Green, G-series, 3.8L Ninemeister Singer Racing Silver, 964, 3.9L Cosworth Telesto Grigio, 964, 3.8L Cosworth GT Silver, 964, 4.0L Ed Pink Signal Yellow, 964, 4.0L Ed Pink Stone Grey, 964, 3.8L Cosworth Sherlock Blue, 964, 4.0L Ed Pink

Over the last few weeks we’ve taken a look back through the archives as we get ready to celebrate 10 years of Singer at Monterey Car Week. Here’s another way to look at our decade in pursuit of the air-cooled Porsche 911 Restored, Reimagined and Reborn.

Chapter 17 - Full Circle Shortly after the Geneva show in 2019 Singer made a trip to Germany. We took the Parallax White, Dynamics and Lightweighting Study machine and were hosted by our friends @kussmaul_gmbh at their HQ just outside Stuttgart. Here we were joined by the Lauf commission, a German-owned car, for a few days. Kussmaul creates automotive art for the DLS restorations - including gearshifters, wheel finishes and brightwork - to our clients’ specifications. Their exacting work can be seen on some of the most exclusive automobiles in the world. Bringing these two cars back to the Stuttgart area, where they they were first born during the Type 964 era, was a fitting moment after ten years of Singer. During our stay, we were humbled that renowned Porsche aerodynamicist and race engineer, Norbert Singer stopped by to chat and to see the cars together. His advice and consultation during the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study, along with that of Hans Mezger, has been invaluable. Lauf commission specifications: Exterior: Porsche Irish Green with touring trim and raised gold decklid badging Interior: Dark Brown with light contrast brown stitching Engine: 4.0L, with titanium sports exhaust Transmission: 6-speed Brakes: Carbon ceramic

Chapter 16 - Geneva Debut In 2019, almost 10 years after that first small display near the Baja Cantina & Grill in Carmel, the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study made its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show. In Parallax White with Norfolk Yellow interior, the car was presented on a dramatic stand at the heart of one of the most well-known automotive events in the world. The elevated position allowed clear views of the driver-focused interior, with its raised titanium gear shifter, gold tachometer, bespoke Recaro seats and Momo wheel. Throughout Singer’s 10 year history, it’s been of vital important to us that the way a car drives and the way it looks are considered with equal levels of obsession. Our friends @michelin and @michelinusa understood this need and created bespoke Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires for the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study to meet our performance and aesthetic requirements. The stand was designed to also highlight the innovative Track Connect technology integrated into those tires, allowing our drivers to monitor and optimise tire performance.

Chapter 15 - A Big Year Our look back through 10 years of Singer has brought us to 2018. This turned out to be a big year In July the results of the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study were presented at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car in Heart Attack Red ran on the famous hillclimb course and the Parallax White car was shown in front of Goodwood House with the 500 hp, normally aspirated, air-cooled flat-six, developed with @williamsadvancedengineering A formation of owners from the UK and Europe brought their cars along for a special Singer hillclimb run. In the August the Singer family gathered in Monterey, California for Car Week. DLS made its US debut, with the Parallax White car presented on the famous Pebble Beach concours lawn and at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. By 2018 the full collection of chronographs from our sister company @singerreimagined were launched. These were shown in a collaboration with our friends @phillipswatches at their incredible London HQ on Berkeley Square. In October, the significance of the Track 1 was recognised as it won the Chronograph Prize at the annual GPHG watchmaking awards in Geneva. And also in 2018, we completed our 100th restoration for a client, with the Alabama commission.

Chapter 14 - The Corkscrew In recent years the Singer philosophy has broadened to encompass not just the pursuit of automotive art and award-winning watches but also driving experiences for our clients. The Singer Experience has evolved to design these events. In 2017 we held our first exclusive track day @weathertechraceway Laguna Seca. A group of drivers took on the fearsome Corkscrew and the rest of this iconic circuit in their cars. We’ll be sharing more from our 2019 Singer Experience over the coming days but here’s a look at the 2017 formation.

Chapter 13 - Special Wishes Pt2 For 10 years we have pursued our clients’ personal visions for their ultimate, restored air-cooled Porsche 911. Special Wishes evolved to enable Singer to respond to requests for high levels of bespoke engineering and design. For the owner of the Mulholland commission the requirements were as follows: Exterior: Blue Blood Centre fuel-fill and external oil-fill Interior: Black leather with colour surfaces Air-conditioning delete Stereo delete Rear seat delete Engine: 4.0L with stacks Transmission: 6-speed Brakes: Carbon ceramic Special Wishes overview: Rear deck-lid with fixed spoiler Minilite design wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres Perspex rear and rear-quarter windows Spotlights and tie-downs fitted to front hood Nickel rear window bars 904-type oil pressure warning light Contour graphics from Mulholland Hwy. Special thanks to the owner for being so generous with the car, to the whole team who worked to realise this vision and to @flatau_thesigner for the amazing graphics on this car. Examples of Special Wishes restorations will be on display with Singer during our Monterey Car Week program.

Chapter 12 - Special Wishes Picking up our look-back over the first 10 years of Singer. Sometimes an owner’s personal vision for their ultimate air-cooled 911 requires a particularly high level of bespoke engineering. Early examples include the development of the 4.0L engine and the first Targa restoration. From these origins, the Special Wishes department evolved. One such Special Wishes car is the Mulholland commission. We’ll share some more details of the specifications tomorrow, but here’s an introduction to the car. Special thanks to the owner for being so generous with the car, to the whole team who worked to realise this vision, @flatau_thesigner for the amazing graphics on this car and @zackj_com for the film. Examples of Special Wishes restorations will be on display with Singer during our Monterey Car Week program.

Chapter 11 - Hard Yards Mule cars are a key part of the pursuit of dynamic excellence ongoing at Singer for the last decade. They aren’t required to look beautiful, just to work hard. Here’s @mfranchitti at the end of a long day’s testing in the UK.

Chapter 10 - Pushing Boundaries By 2017 the 500 hp, air-cooled flat-six, developed with @williamsadvancedengineering for the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study was installed in Mule cars. So we went testing. Here’s Mule 2 at work in the UK with @mfranchitti and @harrismonkey Film by: @thisisgrip Mule 2 specifications: Exterior: Somewhat silver Interior: Somewhat black Engine: 4.0L, 4-valves per cylinder, normally aspirated, air-cooled flat six Transmission: lightweight 6-speed

Chapter 9 - New Frontiers In the summer of 2017 the Silicon Valley car travelled to Geneva, Switzerland. The Singer philosophy, first applied to cars, had now been applied to the design of a chronograph. The Track 1, a revolutionary new chronograph from @singerreimagined , our sister watch-making company, was the result. It was launched in the home of watchmaking, 8 years after the founding of Singer Vehicle Design. For the first time a car and a watch, reimagined using that same Singer philosophy, were presented together. Both represent the pursuit of mechanical art, guided by the philosophy Everything is Important. Refuelling the car the next day, produced a surprise... Silicon Valley commission specifications: Exterior: Casablanca Beige with Touring trim Interior: Chocolate Brown leatherweave Engine: 3.8L Transmission: 6-speed Track 1 - Launch Edition specifications: Case Grade 5 titanium with sunburst brushing Movement Components: 477 Jewel count: 67 Functions Time: Hours & minutes on rotating peripheral discs Chronograph: Instantaneous jumping hours (60 hours) and minutes chronograph hands (60 minutes), sweeping chronograph second hands (60 seconds)

Chapter 8 - London, Monaco, Detroit Back in 2017 we took 2 cars to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit with @Michelin Monaco commission specifications: Exterior: Midnight Blue Metallic with Touring trim Interior: Bespoke leather-weave and Oxblood Engine: 4.0L Transmission: 6-speed London commission specifications: Exterior: Rome Red Stripes and Lettering: Ghosted Dark and Blue Blood Interior: Bespoke leather-weave and Dark Blue Engine: 4.0L Transmission: 6-speed Over the years our collaboration with @Michelin has continued to grow and they would go on to join the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study which would require bespoke Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in the pursuit of exacting dynamic and aesthetic targets. We’ll be back working with our friends @michelinusa during Monterey Car Week.

Chapter 7 - Opening Up For 10 years Singer’s philosophy has been to collaborate with our clients in pursuit of a personal vision for their ultimate air-cooled 911. Hot on the heels of the four-wheel drive car, came a request for the restoration of a Targa. Again, this special wish required a period of intensive research and development. The first Targa was displayed at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Since then, it has been followed by a number of others…

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