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Our mission is simple, we strive to build the highest quality American made products and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer. (FFL)


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2036 Apex Ct Apopka, Florida

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How would you configure, customize and cerakote your dream Spike’s Tactical rifle?

Caption this photo! What do you think @owner_b4a and @tactical_sloth are discussing over this Spike’s Tactical Roadhouse precision rifle?

When you ask @dark_corner_concepts if he wants to go fishing, be sure to tell him what you’re fishing for because he comes prepared! 😂 #📸 @dark_corner_concepts

What would you say if confronted by ANTIFA? Well, guess who’s back in the news? We received a tremendous amount of backlash when we first released this ad a couple years ago from the snowflakes, liberal media and ANTIFA supporters. We were called every horrible name in the book and were demonized by the liberal media. What they all failed to mention was our love of country and a civilized society, our support for the boys and girls in blue and of course, our willingness to defend it. So here we are again but who would have thought our ad would have played out so close in reality. We’ve already received dozens of hateful voicemails and emails. To be clear, we will not be threatened into silence or submission. We’ve drawn the line and you can bet your we’ll defend it against this group of anarchists, fascists and ridiculous group of punks.

It’s Full Auto Friday! Get some! @dark_corner_concepts ・・・ @spikes_tactical 14.5” .308

Happy Friday Spike’s family! What’s cooking this awesome weekend?

Of all the Marvel and DC Universe characters, who’s your favorite? The Punisher? Iron Man? Captain America? Superman? @tools_of_the_free ・・・ When I was a child I The Punisher was my favorite because he had no powers just a lot of skills and cool guns !!!!! I think Frank would approve!

A precision beast! The 6.5 Creedmoor Spike’s Tactical Roadhouse!

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