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Visual artist and storyteller. Paints in a "Super Kitsch" style all his own. Wait for his film! Manager/PR - @mystickittyz


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"The Dude Abides" is now ! He is 18 x 24 inches, unframed, done in acrylic paint. His glasses are color shift, metallic-like paint, so check out the mini video for effect! DM if you are interested, and he can be yours for $250 which includes The Dude, packing materials, and shipping! PayPal payment required, and he will be headed your way once payment is cleared! First come, first serve!

Scott Church's Living Room

This weekend, I took and to an . We all really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be back! Wonderful performers!

"Look how I'm geekin' out (hey) I'm so fitted (I'm so fitted, woo) I'm on Gucci (I'm on Gucci) I'm so pretty (yeah, yeah) I'm gon' get it (ayy, I'm gon' get it) Watch me move (blaow) This a celly (ha) That's a tool (yeah)" - "This is America" by (I do not own rights to this song! All the props to !)

Can't say which was most epic: Attending the Monster Bash, David ROCK Nelson and his horrific Devil Ant or getting to spend a nice weekend with my lovely fiancée. No complaints.

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