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A few pictures of everything I Love. 📍California 🔜 YEG 🔵🔶🇨🇦


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Training HAUS

Words can't describe the feeling I had today working out and doing testing in front of the DR who put my knee back together! Almost 9 months ago I was forced to sit out an entire hockey season for the first time in my life. My was telling me it was just too much! Thanks to Dr Laprade and his te, with the help of many others, I back and ready to compete at a professional level again! I 💯 could not of done this without the treatment and workouts from @drstutz @c_latto4 and @farleylisarie (to ne a few). Endless hours of hard work, pain, and grinding, I've put myself in a spot to live my dre again. Playing in the NHL is AN HONOR, and when it gets taken away from you, you do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get it back! Thanks for all the support from everyone along the way, you have no idea the strength that a lil love and support can give a guy! Here's to another YEAR of health, hockey and LIVIN baby!! 🍻🍻🍻

Work. 🎥 @omgfu

Hagia Sophia Museum

Not my best work, but nonetheless, another episode of . Turkish edition 🕌 🇹🇷

Soho House Istanbul

“Ya wanna go?... to Istanbul?”🥊😜🥊

Whistling Straits & Blackwolf Run

1st Annual in the books!! Trip was unreal!! Thanks Steener for organizing everything. Team Steen with the 🏆 for victory and best dressed... we pretty much ran the table didn’t we boys?! Hard fought battles, lots of laughs, tons of beers!! Thx to all the staff at @golfkohler for the accommodations!! Can’t wait for the next destination in 2 years!!

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Off to Wisconsin for the 1st annual . Those bunkers better be nice and raked Whistling Straights, cause I’m gonna be a lot of em! @golfkohler

Big Canyon Country Club

CHAMPS!! What a weekend at the Big Canyon Member guest!! Actually, what a week all together!! A Stanley Cup for my boys in Blue, a Raptors NBA championship, now this!! Thanks to all the staff and volunteers at Big Canyon Country club for putting on another amazing golf tournament. The Balboa is the best member / guest there is, and I’m very honored to be on the winning team and take home the hardware! Stewy, thanks for showing up and playing your off for the boys!! Tuff team to beat!! 🏆🏆🏆

Quick visit to @warriorhky to dial in some new sticks!! Jared and Mike are the best in the business @jquart77

Great Park Ice & FivePoint Arena

Solid days work on the ice w/ my boy Larry and @gpateryn. Getting a head start on next years journey! @barronhockey

Angels Baseball

Night of Baseball, Beer and dogs with my cousin @mitchatkins and @mkrielzzz ... welcome to !

So many amazing things about this woman that makes her special!! @brento_ and I are very lucky to be able to call you our Mom! Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!! Love you. Happy Mother’s Day

Amazing weekend with my little angels in Newport Beach!!

Steadman Philippon Research Institute - Orthopaedic Research

I want to sincerely thank Dr Robert Laprade once again for putting my knee back together!! He is the man... hands down the worlds best knee specialist!! My 4.5 month follow up with him yesterday was a huge success!! My knee is good as new - with a few pieces of added hardware in there! The recovery road has been a grind... I mean a grind!! But the feeling you get from putting in the work day in and day out is what it’s all about!! Just got the green light to get back on skates, to golf, and to do yoga! Want to thank the people closest to me for helping me through all this, especially at this stage in my career. Injuries are never easy to deal with, you need the support!! The COMEBACK continues 🏒🥅👊🏼


What an incredible experience! Felt like stepping out on the ice for a pivotal playoff game, my heart was racing!! (but it wasn’t, and my isn’t as sore!) It was an energy I had never really felt before!! First day on the camera and hoping for many more. Thanks @tsn_official.

Happy 34th Anniversary Mom + Dad! You inspire me every day with your love and dedication to our family, and to one another!! Mom, u were beautiful bride... & dad, sick three piece suit!!

The Flipside 12s

Billy Raffoul!! This kid is a stud ladies + gentlemen! One of Canada’s best singer/songwriters, living his dream in Nashville! Takes after his old man, @raffouljody - but better lookin!! Make sure to check his latest n greatest on Spotify... 🇨🇦🤙🏼

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