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Be the change you wish to see in your feed 💫 @greysocial NYC based 🇵🇭 raised. Creating worldwide 📩JEANNE@GREYLAYERS.COM



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Turks And Caicos

Disappearing for some time. Busy staring at Mother Nature’s eyes. Hashtag no filter. Hashtag I’m home.

Some days I’m Beyoncé, some days Im Lay-Z. • Loving the new @moroccanoil color depositing mask! A hair mask designed to care and create! Played around with ‘coco’ and ‘champagne’ to create some depth right at my own bathroom! ( it’s temporary don’t worry!) • Earrings by @artemisapollo_

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Think about where you were at this time last year. Think about the things that used to worry you so much that no longer consumes your mind and time: the relationship that wasn’t healthy, the stress of what this year could be like, the things you thought you could not accomplish but did. Continue to be open to receiving what you forgot to ask for. You’ve come so far, keep going. ✨

Ilha da Madeira

You don’t want to be rich. You want to live freely.

Don’t water yourself down for people who can’t handle you. Stop fitting in for their comfort. That’s not you. That’s not who we are. Stop playing small. Stop inserting yourself in cracks that are too small for you mentally, physically and emotionally. You’re meant for greater things.

A moment for this photo because pretty sure I nailed it. Fuck the previous photo this is the real me. 🤣

Long Branch, New Jersey

When you focus on the good. The good gets better. Never want summer to leave.✨

So much easier to rise and when it’s in paradise 🐠.

Ocean City, Maryland

Vitamin sea ✨ just what the doctor ordered.

New York, New York

Buy the plane ticket. Quit the job. Accept the date. Start the company. Write the book. Make the call. Plan the trip. Wander into the unknown. Go bold. Go @armanibeauty. A velvet finish of a matte lipstick with the intensity and flawless result of a lip lacquer. Matte color is no longer dull and drying aka the lipstick of my dreams.

Qatar Doha

Don’t let anything take you back to a level that you’ve already leveled up from.

New York, New York

5th annual closet sale thanks to all of you for the never ending support! Had yet another amazing sale with these amazing babes❤️. Now time for some food, a nap and Netflix reruns of ❤️

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