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It's *finally* peach season, which means we're just out here trying to eat as many dang peaches as we can. It also means that we're finding excuses to work them into as many meals as possible. Case in point? This clever roasted sausage, tomato, and peach supper with parmesan spaghetti squash mash. It'll make you feel just peachy! Get the details at the link in our profile. (Image: @thedaleyplate)

@meghan_splawn developed an extensive guide to making cannoli this week, and @sheela.m.prakash had the distinct honor of cross testing the recipe. I wasn't in the meeting, but I heard there was a serious battle to decide who got to work on this project 😉 Anyway, the good news is that we're all closer than ever; meaning that Meghan and Sheela are united in their love for cannolis, and the rest of us are united in over the fact that they didn't share any with us 😭 Kidding!! Sheela says, "yes, they’re *effort*, but also dessert goals by at least 💯. Make this your weekend project, then go brag about them (and save me one)." Grab the recipe at the link in our profile! (Image: @sheela.m.prakash, Recipe: @meghan_splawn)

After all that talk about dough, we sure would hate for you to think the only pizza worth making at home is one made completely from scratch! In fact, French-bread pizzas are some of the most delightful of their kind; endlessly customizable, quick to make, and about as reliable as they come. Low stress, high return. We should all be eating more French bread pizzas, don't you think? Grab our go-to guide at the link in our profile, including @sheela.m.prakash's three key tips for perfect 'za. (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @christinecbuckley | Recipe:@sheela.m.prakash)

Throw us into a giant bowl of this sweet potato hummus and we wouldn't be mad about it (via @thenakdkitchen)

Whether you know this frozen dessert as Thai rolled ice cream, stir-fried ice cream, or even marble-top ice cream, one thing's for certain: you either already love it or have always wanted to try it. In either case: you're in luck, because it's easier than you'd think to make at home. In fact, apart from all the toppings, all you need are two ingredients! Get the details at the link in our profile. (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @cydmcdowell | Recipe: @meghan_splawn)

How's this for some ingenuity: when Fred Sanders started running out of frosting while decorating a bunch of cakes for his Detroit-based bakery, he didn't panic – he improvised! Instead of an even layer of frosting over the cakes, he piped two lines of his dwindling supply of buttercream on top and covered the whole thing in chocolate fudge icing. "The cake with the bumps" soon became one of his most-requested items, and "Chocolate Bumpy Cake" was born. If you're itching to try this happy-accident of a dessert in your own home, click the link in our profile for the recipe @shaunasever has perfected! (Image: @paulstrabbing | Recipe: @shaunasever)

Ever since @graceelkus posted this $5 Trader Joe’s lunch recipe back in February, @arielknutson has made it almost every week. "It’s so easy, packed with vegetables, and obviously pretty cheap. It’s also the recipe that got me hooked on soyrizo, which is the Queen of all meat substitutes (sorry, tofu)." Grab the recipe at the link in our profile! (Image: @arielknutson)

I * doughn't * know about you, but our team believes that a pizza's only as good as its crust. So when we started talking about the best kinds of pizzas to include in the schedule for pizza and ice cream week, it quickly became clear that we'd * knead * to get down to business with an ultimate dough-down of dough recipes. So here it is. The results are in. @meghan_splawn faced an unimaginable pile of dough-caked dishes, floury counters, and an extremely hot kitchen just for you, so you would know that the next time you turn your oven on for a hot pie: you know it'll be well worth it. Get the results at the link in our profile to learn which dough was most worthy of being "supreme." (Image: @joe.lingeman | Styling: @christinecbuckley | Recipes: @bobbyflay, @altonbrown, @robertaspizza, @marthastewart)

Blondies don’t get enough time in the limelight. They have the soft, chewy satisfaction of a brownie, with a tender butterscotch flavor, thanks to brown sugar. Plus, they’re even easier to whip up than a batch of cookies, and you can make them in one bowl! Grab our recipe for one of the easiest desserts ever at the link in our profile. (Recipe: @meghan_splawn)

Quick, make this Blueberry Coffee Cake before berry season ends! 😭(via @thereciperebel)

Tomato and peach season are in full swing, and you know what that means: the forecast for your kitchen is clouds... of fruit flies. After too many summers of half-heartedly attempting to exterminate the annoying little things, @faithdurand set out to put four popular DIY traps to the test. The concept of each is simple: bait them with some strong-smelling liquid, then trap them in a way that their tiny, unfortunate brains just can't comprehend. You'd think they'd all work about the same, but dang: would you ever be wrong. Check the link in our profile to see what worked best! (Image: @faithdurand)

Since Popeye’s is selling out of their famous fried chicken sandwiches, why not make your own using the chicken from this recipe?! There's no secret blend of herbs and spices here: we believe in sharing the wealth. Which is why when KFC's secret recipe was reportedly leaked awhile back, @meghan_splawn tweaked and improved it, crowning the resulting recipe as "Kitchn Fried Chicken." You'll notice the unusual inclusion of in the batter and cornstarch in the dredge, but don't question it! Those two ingredients contribute to making this the crispiest dang chicken you've ever enjoyed (sorry @popeyeslouisianakitchen). Get the recipe at the link in our profile! (Recipe: @meghan_splawn)

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