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3 years to the day myself and this Mexican warrior went to war. Congrats on the win this weekend Nate, it was motivating to see it for my own comeback. I don’t blame you not mentioning me for the trilogy bout post fight, you know what I’m like when I get going. Vicious. I loved the round 3 style from round 1 that you implemented. It’s what I was hoping you would implement for this bout and was glad to see you do it. I’ll be prepared for it when we go again. If we go again. If not, respect always. A war for the ages. No talk. Just real .


It’s an honor to be on the front cover of GQ this month in @augustmcgregor! Check it out 👕


My little princess Croía’s christening day at Luttrelstown castle. Thank you to our close family and friends for celebrating the special day with us ❤️🙏

Happy Saturday everybody! Proper Piña Coladas for all! @properwhiskey

Bond is dead baby meet me at the spot. @mcgregorproductions

The King Mandingo. I fought for billionaires and then became one myself.

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Along with this cracking Steel Blue 3 piece suit from our collection, make sure and check out the new range of “AM” ties also available. Go ahead, Zoom in on it. What a tremendous range we have now. The full extensive! I so proud of this work, and so proud of all our te, as now our hard work and effort is being recognized. We are not playing here. This is big business now. Our line is not like the others. In reality, it is like nothing this ge has ever seen before! This is high end fashion baby, and we run it now. I know you feel it. I know you feel it, because I feel it. August McGregor baby @augustmcgregor

Happy birthday baby. Proper Pina Coladas before we even knew it ❤️

The World is truly Yours in this two piece Chino suit, available now at August McGregor! Drop 4 @augustmcgregor 🔥

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