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TIME’S UP™ is an organization that insists on safe, fair & dignified work for women of all kinds.



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✨ Join our team! ✨On November 3rd, will be running the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon for the first time to gather, celebrate our community, raise awareness and fundraise for our critical mission. Apply to run with us at the link in our bio!

WATCH: The incredible Sky Kelley on what it's like to be a Black woman working in a male-dominated industry, why for equal pay & how we can fight to close the gender & racial wage gaps. ( x @NowThisNews)

It's Day, and any longer for equal pay. Single Black women in their 40s have ONLY 24% of the wealth of their white counterparts, even when accounting for education. The wage gap means less money to pay rent, to buy a house, to put food on the table, to send a child to college, to retire… The list goes on. There are many causes of the gender pay gap, & we need many approaches to fixing it. Check out our Instagram stories for more info and resources on closing the pay gap.

Say it with us: . 📣📣📣 (Submissions requested below!) TOMORROW, ‪Thursday 8/22‬, is Day. That means Black women had to work this far into 2019 just to make the SAME amount of money that their white male peers made in 2018. We want to hear from those of you personally impacted by the gender + racial pay gap for Black women this Day. Share with us: How does the pay gap affect your daily life? What’s one small way you use your power to fight the pay gap for yourself & your peers? What dreams or goals could you achieve if the pay gap was eliminated? 1⃣ Post a selfie + caption or video with your answer; 2⃣ Use both and ; and 3⃣ Tag @TIMESUPNOW. We’ll be sharing responses all day (‪8/22‬) in our Instagram stories.

for equal pay! August 22nd is Day, the date that Black women have to work into 2019 just to catch up to what white men earned in 2018. Join a Twitter Storm with and the rest of the @equalpay2dayorg coalition this Thursday (8/22) at 2pm ET/ 11 PT to learn more and demand equal pay. @msblackwomensroundtable

😍😍😍 The tees are back at @prinkshop! Get one through the link in our Instagram story, or visit prinkshop.com.

This is huge! To @alysiamontano, @af85, @karagoucher, and every athlete & consumer who spoke out - thank you. Your courage to insist on what’s right will impact generations of women athletes to come. We hope other companies follow Nike’s lead on this critical issue. Regram @af85: Our voices have power. NIKE has joined in officially and contractually providing maternal protection to the female athletes they sponsor. This means that female athletes will no longer be financially penalized for having a child. I’m grateful to John Slusher and Mark Parker for their leadership and their desire to guide NIKE as a company who believes that we are all more than athletes. And THANK YOU to the brands who have already made this commitment. Who is next?

U.S. Soccer is doing everything in its power - even hiring lobbyists to advocate against the women’s team - just to avoid paying @USWNTPlayers what they’re owed. We’re angry, but we’re not surprised. To see these World Champions & global superstars struggling this hard for equal pay tells us a lot about the uphill battle women are facing across the U.S. in every industry. We’re not giving up. Join our fight! Give today at the link in bio. (🎥 via @todayshow)

Did you know that in 2018, the World Surf League became the first U.S.-based global sports league to offer men & women athletes equal prize money? 💯 This @wsl program gets young girls in the water with women surf pros. ( x @nowthisnews)

, WiHU is going on tour! Do you work in hospitality? Join @womeninhospitalityunited as they put together a blueprint and action plan to address the industry’s most pressing issues, including those related to a safer, harassment-free workplace, ending the gender and racial wage gaps, and supporting a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline. Applications for the tour are live via the link in their profile (@womeninhospitalityunited) - don’t miss them in NYC, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, or D.C.!

Chanting all day, all week. Join our fight to close the pay gap with @uswntplayers by giving today - link in bio! (📷 @dev.king)

In case you needed some , how about @simonebiles making history MULTIPLE TIMES at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships this weekend?

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