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🌞♉ 🌕♊ ⤴♋ 🌄Appalachia🌲 Just a "trailer trash" Witch seeking enlightenment through occult knowledge and granny witch magic. Join me on my journey.

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I like the weird people because I one. I have been called weird my whole life so I decided to take it as a compliment and to take other s under my wing. I will show you weird. Be careful what you wish for! 🌈

Me AF Pluto in Scorpio Generation. Pluto and Lillith 5th House. I have an intense goth/occult side, but perhaps now I know it is at my core being. It shows up in my self-expression which is my fashion, art, the dark entertainment I enjoy and like to create. I passionate about showing my humor and through darker and transformative artwork that is often playful and tongue in cheek at the se time. I have moon in Gemini as well. I think there is nothing more powerful than being seen as funny, and cool/sexy, and a bit scary at the se time. While also being generous and caring (secretly to those that believed in and invested in you and are weirdos as well). Makes sense to me. 😆😈♉♊♏ I loved the movie and I really need to watch the show.


From the book Spell Crafts by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington 1998 Counseling is the most important job of the witch. That is all Tarot is really, if you want to know the truth. It is important to talk with others to have a healthy emotional discussion and give advice and perhaps a different perspective...

This will effect the Pluto in Scorpio Generation from November 1983 to 1995. It is time for our generation to rapidly expand our collective conscious. Spiritual awakening and paranormal experiences that transform how you see the world are more likely to happen from Now until April. Keep your eyes open! 🔮🌙


Attention Witches! STOP! 🚫Stop Showing Your Alter 🚫Stop showing your tools 🚫Stop showing your ritual baths 🚫Stop showing your birth charts 🚫Stop showing the "proof" of your witchiness. All these things are very personal and sacred. Social media does not need to see them! Doing a tutorial is one thing, but I think honestly there are too many tutorials and people showing off these days. Being a Witch has now become a fad and we must remember to keep the most important parts to ourselves. 2018 was declared the year of the Witch. Just remember not to get caught up in the scene too much where it is negatively effecting your energy and you feel like you have to prove yourself at every turn. You can do a lot of empowering without giving away your own secrets.

Follow @greatsoutherngothic and @trailertrashwitch D.I.Y Florida Water or "Floral Water". Agua de Flores. It is a magical "potion" used in many different paths. I encourage you to do your own research on the History and uses. Below is my take on it. Get some vodka, or grain alcohol. Everclear or other pure alcohol. The highest percentage you can find. 97% Everclear or 190 proof is best to really extract and blend everything together. Add in organic Rose and Lavender. You can add in orange and or lemon peel. This is really up to you what all you want to add and what purposes you intend use it for. Eyeball and use your intuition for the right amounts. You will develop your own recipe over time. After you have added your flowers to the mix, you can add your essential oils. Here are some options... Rose, lavender, bergamot, orange, lemon, jasmine,clove, cinnamon,ylangylang, clary sage.... You can use a combination of these if you wish, but remember to use organic if possible and 100% pure oils. (Rose absolute won't cut it, as it is diluted with carrier oils). Use a large quantity of drops of each but balance the fragrance. The more alcohol you have, the more oil needed. Also take note of the moon cycles. Start and end the creation of it to coincide with the moon cycle. Let the mixture steep for 4 weeks. Keep it in a shady area. Shaking it daily. Then strain out the flowers from the mixture. It is ready to be used. Keep the mixture away from sunlight. Other things you can do: Add sea salt or Himalayan pink salt for extra potency. Just a pinch. You can also infuse the mixture using the energies of the moon and infuse it with crystal energies putting the crystal on or near the bottle. You can put crystal chips in the mix as well, just be aware that the crystals may errode. Usually floral water is used to cleanse sacred spaces whether you are using it to clean your alter and items or spraying it in the air. You can anoint yourself alter and candles with it. Or add it to mop water to clean your floors. It can be used to strengthen spells, perfume yourself or use it in a spiritual bath for cleansing your aura or raising vibration. Never drink it!

Gorgeous work by @denimandbone All of their pieces are amazing and I enjoy decorating jackets as well. I stand behind this sentiment of "Prove Them Wrong". As "Trailer Trash" they may think you are lazy, poor, criminal, and have no power and no class. They may think you can never make it in life because of how you were raised or where you come from. Let's prove them wrong witches!

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