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For bookings contact embassyexecutives@maddpop.com Thank you 🙏 Professional Rapper🎙 Disstrack 🍬 available



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Album cover (I Mean Business) coming soon... I told you tsunamii244team wasn't playing It's over every artist will know who I am This album is more than just music but, it's my life! @prilaga

SUCCESSFUL STORY THE DAY I MOVED OUT 💯 I'm Just looking back how far I've ce in my life as a professional rapper. God's blessings are everywhere, seriously brings in tears to see how successful I and; shays coming soon... Never give up! Tsunii244 words believe in yourself with Jesus Christ🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

El Cholo

Suicide Dream Freestyle 💯🔝🔥 Basically, tsunamii244 had an insane dream wear there was a 100 story balcony near a window when it broke suddenly. In this freestyle listen to what happened share this with the world must findout....

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