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RP: @rainforestalliance 🌍 I realize that not everyone can help in big ways on a matter like this but being aware is very important as well. The Amazon rainforest helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem for our entire planet- producing 20% of Earth’s oxygen!! While fires aren’t uncommon, the number of fires this year has increased by double compared to last year, totaling 74,000 fires this year. Much of this destruction is intentional. This is also dangerous and deadly for the wildlife living in the rainforest- approximately 10 million species of animals, plants and insects. I encourage you to do your research, as I, and find ways that YOU can help, small or big. You can: Donate to protect an acre of the rainforest at the @rainforestactionnetwork Help protect animals living in the rainforest though @wwf Simply sign a petition through @greenpeace to have your voice heard

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Nobu Los Cabos

I’d live here if I could πŸ™πŸΌ @nobuloscabos


Big Sur, California

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