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“Seek what sets your soul on fire” 🔥 Represented by:@lindamodels @megamodelagency @real_woman_agency @nevsmodels @women_milano @mpmanagementstockholm

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Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

On my way back to the hotel I caught myself on a thought. How azing is Bali. The island of smiles I call it. It was around 1 and I was a bit tipsy from all the cocktails and shisha I had that evening. Life is great, I thought to myself. As I was enjoying the ride, my husband asked me to give him his wallet. By the tone of his voice I realized it was something important, something was happening. And than, not so far away from the road, between all the lights, I have noticed a child. A little girl. She was barely walking, carrying something that looked like a big box of many different tissues. The box was twice her size. I realized she was selling them. She stopped by the traffic light, set on the floor and closed her eyes. The baby was falling asleep. Our taxi drove next to her and the driver has given her the bill. She tiredly smiled at us and stand up. We left. We continued on driving but this story hasn’t left my mind ever since.

“Trying not to pose”


Wearing another bikini from @lanasia_official collection.. you girls rock, they are gorgeous! ❤️


....no time to explain :D

SKYE Bar & Restaurant

Enjoying evening in lovely with my sweetheart:)

The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

Such a special place for me and my family @thegrittipalace ❤️ can’t wait to visit you again next summer! ✨


Around beautiful :)

Milan, Italy

A week ago I have shot a worldwide campaign and today I had another chance to work with @yamamayofficial :) Amazing team, it was a blast✨ Thank you!

Found this one on my phone, decided to post :)


Had some time to edit my album from Marrakech :) Hope you enjoy these impressions!

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