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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss. Follow @venusandfamily to see my 3 cat siblings & Shiba Inu dog sis!


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Sunday life! 😺🐾

I had a life threatening emergency just after I turned 4. Thankfully after a 4 day hospitalization for a urinary blockage (a condition very rare in females), I made a full recovery and just celebrated my 10th birthday! 😺🎉 Male cats with blockages however is something emergencies centers see on a daily basis and most often catches the owner completely by surprise both emotionally & financially. 😔 My family could've saved thousands if they had pet insurance but at the time they didn't. Emergencies are stressful enough without worrying about how much the bills will be so now, we are all covered by @trupanion so Mom can have peace of mind about future medical expenses. 🐾

🐾 STOP! Toe bean time! 🐾

Special — Exactly 7 years ago today this picture started it all! Who posted the photo and how they got it was a mystery for a long time. Mom joined Reddit to trace it back and found out it was posted by a teenager named Zoe who thought I was the coolest cat ever & should be shared with the world! One photo started what has been a crazy roller coaster for Mom but has also become such a great community! ❤️ What year did you start following me? Do you remember where you saw me for the first time?😽🐾

We want to give a BIG congratulations & shout out to our friend @kittenxlady who released her book, “Tiny But Mighty: Kitten Lady's Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines” a week ago today! We love you Hannah! 😽💗

Did you know my whiskers are all white on the orange side with 1 single black whisker and all black on the black side with 1 single white whisker? 🙀They’re even that way on my @cuddleclones plush! 🖤🧡

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so instead of telling you how comfortable our STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ carpet is, we’ll let these 5 pictures speak for themselves! 😺❤️🐾

We’re all tucked in now, wait....who’s gonna turn off the light? 😴 💤 With @roothekangaroocat

Monday morning High five just for you! 🐾💗

What?! You haven’t heard?! 🙀 Halo’s account, @halotheblindshiba is now public so go follow her if you like! 🐕🐕 . We realized just how much people are touched by her journey and inspired by her resilience despite losing her eyes to glaucoma and, were getting an overwhelming number of requests for her to have her own account. So we are honoring those requests and have added some never seen before content! 🐕 If you love inspiration you’re going to love the vibe of the whole account. Hope to see you there! ❤️🐕 Thank you all for the continued love and support on all our accounts! It really means so much! We love you all! 😽❤️🐕

I was BORN in designer footwear! 😹 👠 How many shoe puns can we come with? Highest voted comment (most ❤️) gets a story feature tomorrow!

"It's just a stray cat." ... Words from an employee (a dept manager who no longer works there) of a South Florida golf course inside a very affluent gated community who accidentally ran over a kitten’s leg with a golf cart and literally ripped it off. 😾😿 In honor of International Cat Day, I want to share my most emotional, impactful, & memorable hands on rescue ever, about Trey and Trenton @trey_plus_trenton . ** NOTE: I HAVE EDITED THE CONTENT TO REMOVE THE GRAPHIC PARTS but some pictures may still be sensitive to some. See all pics for the story as I couldn’t fit in the caption space. This story has a VERY happy ending! 😺❤️🐾

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