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Never take anything for granted & treat others the way you want to be treated // Snapchat👻: victoriajustice //


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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

👁 🍬 Probably in Williamsburg somewhere... Loved making this show & filming in NY was a dream 🖤

Little Ruby

Fun fact: one of my buttons was undone on my pants so I had to crop it out 🤷🏻‍♀️. Also, I’m double jointed on the inside part of my arms by my elbow. Ok, that’s all for now! Byyeeee 👋🏼

brb gotta run some errands real quick... ;) 📸: @danpopsd

💋💋💋 📸: @danpopsd

Every beige carpet can be a sandy beach if you try hard and believe in yourself 🏝

Chillaxin’ 🌴 📸: @danpopsd

Yamashiro Hollywood

Tonight was SO epic. An experience I’ll never forget 💚 @discodiningclub @yomissaloon @happyhouragency @nakamura.ke

Los Angeles, California

to making musíca w/ these 2 talented peeps 🤘🏼😜

Chicago, Illinois

Got my hair ready today w/ @bedheadbytigi 🤘🏼 . Lolla here we come!!! 🖤

This video makes me so happy. Zoey 101 was such a big part of my life & I have memories with these people that will last a lifetime. Reuniting with them all last night was really something special🤗. There were moments where we were all laughing & I would look around at all their faces and just smile. Because it really felt like nothing had changed. Like I was a teenager again filming this show that changed my life & touched so many people. Anyway, I love you guys!!! @mattunderwood @rioflynn @erinzariah @paulbutcher @chrismasseytmb @abbywilde P.S. We missed you @jamielynnspears. See you at the next one 😊❤️ And thank you @danwarp for working your magic & making all this happen!!! Oh and also for seeing little 12 year old me, believing in her & casting her in a show that would change her life. 🙏🏼 More pics to come 😜

Venice, California

Sisters who wear flower print dresses together, stay together. That’s a saying right? 🌸 Also, we did not plan the dress coordination. We’re just that in sync ;). Love u @themadgrace. There’s no other person I’d rather kneel on a giant bed at a rooftop party in Venice with ❤️😌 📷: @cassidyblisscooper

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