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“This is me every time I get a chance to rock out,” says @tierrawhack. “I’m always gonna pop.” Performing tracks at this year's @afropunk festival from her experimental EP, “Whack World,” the North Philadelphia rapper wore graphic Day-Glo makeup inspired by a vintage photo of ’60s and singer Marsha Hunt. “I had this picture I found of her on Instagram saved for a while,” she explains. “I was up at 4 o’clock in the morning and showed my makeup artist. I’m like, ‘Yo, I gotta do it. Today’s the day.’” For more from Tierra Whack's look, as well as other rising stars that are taking over Afropunk with their bold and bright beauty looks, tap the link in our bio. Directed by @indiasleem DP @evanburristrout AC @_dougie_d Set Design @jessekaufmann Editor @sortahype

@RicoNasty’s new EP, “Anger Management,” is chock full of cathartic anthems, and “head-banging hair” was a prerequisite as she got ready for her thrashing @afropunk set. Calling for a women-only mosh pit while performing her viral hit “Poppin,” the Maryland-bred rapper continues to create a safe and angst-cleansing space for her fervent female fanbase. “A woman's rage is always undermined and underestimated,” she explains. “Watching that go crazy stupid—women just being themselves and letting their walls down—it’s amazing to break those barriers.” At the link in our bio, discover more from the artist's energetic Afropunk performance, and meet the other rising stars that are bringing beauty into bigger and brighter territory. Directed by @indiasleem DP @evanburristrout AC @_dougie_d Set Design @jessekaufmann Editor @sortahype

“Walking around this space, tapping into life, history, and beings of music around the diaspora, generates all kinds of energy,” says avant-garde singer and cellist @iamkelseylu about @afropunk festival's environment. As she cooed the lines of her song “Foreign Car,” she offered a visual ode to “Blood,” her first full-length album. “These are my braids,” says Lu of the penny-red plaits that flitted around her signature turquoise brows onstage. For more from Kelsey Lu's look, and other rising stars that are taking over Afropunk, tap the link in our bio. Directed by @indiasleem DP @evanburristrout AC @_dougie_d Set Design @jessekaufmann Editor @sortahype

Akua Shabaka (@shabakaaa), always one of Afropunk’s most stylish attendees, took her @afropunk outfit in a more explicitly divine direction this year. “I was really thinking about the sainthood of black women, and that was my inspiration for the look—thinking about how Catholic saints are also African deities,” she says. Shabaka pulled the Madonna that she affixed to a gauzy white vintage dress from a young girl’s baptism dress. “It’s Madonna, but she’s also known as Yemoja in the Yoruba tradition. She’s the all mother, and the mother of water and femininity and nurturing.” Shabaka, who is one half of New York-based label House of Aama with her mother, says that she’s been trying to get back to her roots when it comes to her designs; this piece in particular was sort of a test run. “When I first started House of Aama, I was modifying garments and upcycling vintage clothes. I feel like that’s a statement that I’m thinking about in my life now: taking something that's old and creating something new out of it.” Tap the link in our bio for more details on Shabaka's Afropunk style, and how the festival's alternative style is bringing people together. Directed by @andymadeleine_ Visual Editor @rubenramos AC @careyaway Set Design @jessekaufmann Editors @laurelmurr @youareawinner_

Mackenzie and Benyamin might have only released their first official song, “Regina,” together under the moniker @dDeaddogs just a few days ago, but they’re already on the festival circuit—the duo opened for their sister Atlanta punk band Upchuck at this year's @afropunk festival. Mackenzie, who makes clothes under the name Natural Born Fillers, created each of their performance looks himself, including the nail-studded, graffiti-covered jacket and matching boots that appear on their new single’s album art. “Wherever we go, I try to acquire something to attach to it,” Mackenzie says of the ever-transforming piece of outerwear. “These nails have become a really big part of it. I had this really gaudy rhinestone chain hanging from it—I spray painted parts of it red too—but I really want that to be a more intimate moment.” The jacket and the boots, which are actually Benyamin’s, are a visual representation of the song itself. “I think that beyond words, the jacket just personifies Regina. It’s just the idea of the worst influence you’ve had in your life. You know the time when you weren’t really in the driver’s seat, and your friend Regina was, and she was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do this right now? Those moments really mold you, like what you do when those worst influences are in front of you.” Tap the link in our bio to see more from the duo's Afropunk experience. Directed by @andymadeleine_ Visual Editor @rubenramos AC @careyaway Set Design @jessekaufmann Editors @laurelmurr @youareawinner_

Brooklyn-based musician @leikeli47's @afropunk outfit is coordinated down to even the minute details—her lilac Nike sweatshirt perfectly matches her lavender painted nails accented with a tiny lime green Nike swoosh—but she says it was a complete coincidence. “I didn’t plan it this way, it just happened. I like to describe what I’m giving right now is comfortably dramatic.” Leikeli47 is performing at the Brooklyn festival this year among good company. “Rico Nasty is one of my good friends, and I’m super happy for her, and then there’s Junglepussy, and I’m bringing Rapsody onstage, who is one of my favorite artists—I was fortunate enough to be on her new album,” Leikeli47 says. “It’s super dope that I have these artists to look up to. Yeah they’re girls, but we don’t care about that, we don’t have to state the obvious. These are true definitive artists, and to see where they were and to see where they are now, as a new artist, it’s motivating,” she says. “It’s so dope that Rapsody, Rico, Cardi, they take you by the hand and let you come on up.” Tap the link in bio to see more of the best street style from @afropunk 2019. Directed by @andymadeleine_ Visual Editor @rubenramos AC @careyaway Set Design @jessekaufmann Editors @laurelmurr @youareawinner_

Seen at @afropunk today, street style and beauty looks that have us inspired. Take VanDawn (@Fcktaste), originally from Texas, who has called the Bronx home for the past two years. A creative by trade, Van Dawn is a photographer and dabbles in design. He’s wearing an almost entirely thrifted look. Photographed by @arnold_daniel

Beauty that makes a statement, as seen on location at @afropunk today. Jewel (@urban_afro) is in grad school for museum studies at NYU, and she also works at the Brooklyn Museum. Originally from Baltimore, she’s lived in New York for a year and a half. Her favorite thing about life in the city? The fashion: “I love that I can see someone get on the subway in a thong and Doc Martens and it’s ok.” Photographed by @arnold_daniel

Today at @afropunk we are shooting beauty and street style. Atinka Eccleston (@Tinkcolorful) is an artist living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She is selling parasols at @afropunk this weekend, and she can’t wait to see @junglepussy perform. Her favorite thing about New York? “The Creativity.” Photographed by @arnold_daniel

Jewelry and accessories line @PuraUtz (which means pure quality, or pure good in the Mayan dialect) is a label handcrafted by a group of 22 women in Guatemala, whose earrings, necklaces, and bags are cheery and bright, earning hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram. But the brand's founder isn’t seeking to build an influencer-friendly label; she’s more dedicated to providing a steady income for the women artisans of Guatemala who’ve been weaving and beading their entire lives. At the link in our bio, learn more about this brand and how this business is bridging two worlds, one in Europe and one in Guatemala.

Atlanta’s underground music scene is officially making its way to New York City by way of @afropunk this weekend, and one Vogue writer spoke to a select group of young models who are a part of the movement. Tap the link in our bio to get to know them and their cool style (individually and collectively) ahead of this weekend's festival. Photographed by @mehdilacoste_

@SonamKapoor, the star who has stolen the spotlight in upwards of 20 films, is extremely familiar with the sleek, elegant aesthetic that is Bollywood beauty. Sharing her glamorous, '90s look with us, Kapoor shares all her beauty secrets at the link in our bio. Director @rebeccafourteau Filmed at @thesavoylondon

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