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Los Angeles. Fledgling film producer. Fugitive of the Pacific Northwest. Strawberry Flavored Plastic available to rent on Amazon now!


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Still a few minutes left of so I made a in my new glass.

Anaheim, California

Two Mormon girls just knocked on my door and I told them I just left a Halloween/Horror convention @midsummerscream they left with a copy of @theneonbriefcase

Dude’s hassling me.

Just found the spec I wrote 12 years ago. I even emailed it to the creator of the show, who was going to have me talk with his development guy, but the show was canceled. Also my script is atrocious.

I know it sounds ridiculous...

The Hollywood Roosevelt

I might have a new favorite hotel.

We are gathered here today...

Anaheim Packing District

After a couple years of parking in the 10 minute parking for a few hours, security finally had enough. Now I’ll have to park a mile away where @mcvasquezx4 parks.

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