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Sharp on the outside, smart on the inside. Tag photos with @wordnotebooks + to be featured



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Just dropped: The Pencil Shavings Candle ✏️+🕯=🖤

@karta_notebooks has some sort of adventure in the works⠀

@rhyslangdon.photo starting a fresh Adventure Log⠀

The Beer Log⠀

Just the essentials⠀ Img: @66_reno_b


Word. tucked in for the night⠀ Img: @sumsemarie

Blue Mountain⠀

@dunndid.it hasn't missed a year yet.⠀

Black Dragon⠀

Grey Polygon⠀

Throwback to our Red Floral from @taktinisblogas

Bang! Bang!⠀ Img: @quillidyllic

The Beer Log⠀

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