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Yuwei Zhangzou

Yuyu 📍Shanghai 📧yuwei@yuyufashionbook.com kim1113@gmail.com 微博weibo: @yuyuzhangzou 微信公众号Official WeChat : @yuyuzhangzou



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Shanghai, China

Happy to be free is like playing and hanging like kids, do whatever you want to do, love to have happy moments @tods

Fendi Studios Roma

Made it to @fendi HQ, always seeing this building through the screen, first time to be here, I would say it will be so cool to work here, they told me @silviaventurinifendi said “ I want everyone who works here to see the sky” so this building has the most beautiful view

Rome, Italy

There are always some moment in your life you want to remember forever, like this night created by @fendi and @silviaventurinifendi , in the absolutely breathtaking venue , they did this great show, and let us have this memory that cannot be described in words, everything is just so unforgettable. Thank you

Paris, France

If you ask me about my happy moment, that will be happy to be free in my favorite city, Paris is my second home, everytime I come back I feel so happy @tods

This is definitely the dream night, thank you @maisonvalentino made me like a queen

Late on my posting schedule, but better than never right, specially for this absolutely breathtaking couture show of @givenchyofficial

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