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yourself; everyone else is already taken. 'day ♉ Karachiities 🇵🇰 Twitter : (@ZAslam54) Snapchat : Username: zeesh_aslam

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ذیشان اسلم(ZeeshanAslam) 😎 (@zeesh_aslam) Instagram photos and videos

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In Memory of the animals that died in the recent fires 💔 By @Mr. Fluffy PH

خدا کرے کہ میری ارض پاک پر اترے وہ فصلِ گل جسے اندیشہء زوال نہ ہو یہاں جو پھول کھلے وہ کِھلا رہے برسوں یہاں خزاں کو گزرنے کی بھی مجال نہ ہو 🇵🇰

Karachi, Pakistan

Happy Birthday Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰♥️

حالانکہ بہت خاص ہوتی ہیں. مگر عیدیں اُداس ہوتی ہیں. عید مبارک✨🥀

Cousin wedding glimes 😎

Karachi, Pakistan

Hira's Valima Alhamdulillah done with wedding ❤✌

Happy married life irreplaceable cousin, your way of life has been excellent and today brings joy to us and everyone aware of your good nature. Enjoy a fruitful and delightful home. 😍 i will really miss you my friend,adviser 🤗 you are truly a wonderful girl 😊@hirazahid97 ❤️

ALHAMDULLAH COUSIN MARRIGE 😍 Congratulation @hirazahid97 😍😍 May Allah bless you more with good health and beautiful life 🤩

Hira's Wedding Dairies ❤😇

Cousins ✌️ Mayun Day.. Hira's Wedding Dairies 💛

Cousins Squad - Chaudhry Bros 😎✌️with beautiful bride Hira Zahid 😍🤗😎😎♥️

Two Brides One Day ❤ 28/6/2019 @hirazahid97 @misbah_shabbir_ahmad I feel so grateful to have a strong, beautiful, and caring friends, and even more lucky that you found a man who deserves you! I’m thrilled to see you get married and build your life Congratulations!

Karachi, Pakistan

HIRA'S Bridal Shower ❤May Allah less your marriage with love and joy. Congratulations! Makeup and styling by

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