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Hirta medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Hirta

داستان عکس ها (@dastan_axe) Instagram Profile Photo

داستان عکس ها

🗿 این عکس برنده جایزه اصلی مسابقه عکاسی حیات وحش بریتانیا 2016 شد. جایزه عکاسی حیات وحش بریتانیا به منظور کشف استعدادهای عکاسی همه ساله در این کشور برگزار می‌شود. "جورج استویل" برای عکاسی از این عروس دریایی در آب های جزیره "هیرتا" در اسکاتلند جایزه اول را به دست آورد.

Dr.Metin Çakmakçı (@metincakmakci) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr.Metin Çakmakçı


LOVES_SCOTLAND (@loves_scotland) Instagram Profile Photo


◈ THE LOVES_SCOTLAND team is Very Happy to present ◈ Photo Of The Day _________________________________ ◈ Congratulations to ▻ @stuartmcgeown _____________________________ ◈ Selected by ▻ @carolinewalker21 ______________________________ ◈ Please show your support to our featured artist ◈ and visit their awesome gallery for more great shots _________________________________ ◈ Thank you so much for following★ @LOVES_SCOTLAND★ ◈ and tagging your best shots to ◈ Admins Profile @carolinewalker21 ◈ Founders ▻@SIACHORI _________________________________

Richard Gaston (@richardgaston) Instagram Profile Photo

Richard Gaston

After a fourth attempt pursuing a long lived dream to visit the isolated archipelago of St. Kilda, we were finally given the go-ahead to travel forty miles on a savage 3 hour boat journey to the westernmost island of the Outer Hebrides. Accompanied by a few fellow sea-sick passengers, we visited the secluded island of Hirta and sailed past Stac an Armin, Stac Lee and Boreray - home to the largest population of Gannets in the world.

Bessie Ellen (@bessie_ellen) Instagram Profile Photo

Bessie Ellen

After a successful (if a little damp) voyage to St. Kilda, it has dawned on us that we’ve only a few voyages left this season! We’ve got space on a recently released taster on the 28th September - grab your berth before they sell out⛵️⚓️

Sαȥ Gαɱȥ (@sarahhgammer) Instagram Profile Photo

Sαȥ Gαɱȥ

It's cold but amazing 🐴🦄

St Kilda Rangers (NTS) (@stkildan) Instagram Profile Photo

St Kilda Rangers (NTS)

The good weather has meant we have been very very busy, we’ve hardly had time to tweet! Work Party 1 arrived yesterday and set right about their tasks, including rehanging the newly repaired church bell!

Wild Guide Scotland (@wildguidescotland) Instagram Profile Photo

Wild Guide Scotland

Hirta village Chapter 7. Harris, Lewis & St Kilda

VisitScotland (@visitscotland) Instagram Profile Photo


This is the view that @samanthamaccormick had when standing on Hirta, the largest island in the St Kilda archipelago looking towards Soay. Anyone else jealous? 🙋    

bennet101 (@bennet101) Instagram Profile Photo


Cleits. These were used for storing everything from birds to pray and over the St Kilda Islands I'm sure they said there was about 1700. And some of the places they were in was just incredible. Now the local feral sheep use them as shelters from the winds.

BBC Britain (@bbcbritain) Instagram Profile Photo

BBC Britain

We're already dreaming of the weekend - and we'd love to spend it exploring this beautiful area of Scotland. 📷: @poetic_mouse

Phil Moneypenny (@solshadow) Instagram Profile Photo

Phil Moneypenny

“It’s mine!” Young Jedi quickly Identify’s signs of the dark side! art @mrs.moneypenny

Hannah Imlach (@hannahimlach) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannah Imlach

Radomes, sheep fanks and cleats on St Kilda, structures of the previous and current (MoD) residents.

William Kesley (@willkesley) Instagram Profile Photo

William Kesley

Fairly sure I saw King Kong

Christina MacKenzie (@christinammackenzie) Instagram Profile Photo

Christina MacKenzie

So lucky to have had such an amazing day to explore this incredible place! ⛰

Douglas Fortune (@douglas.fortune) Instagram Profile Photo

Douglas Fortune

Amazing day exploring St Kilda yesterday! What a beautiful island!!! Can’t wait to go back! @seaharris

Craig Stanford (@kildamockingbird) Instagram Profile Photo

Craig Stanford

Woke up to find the latest National Geographic on my doorstep.

Kirsty Kilpatrick (@kirsty_photography123) Instagram Profile Photo

Kirsty Kilpatrick


Alison Sykora (@albachick) Instagram Profile Photo

Alison Sykora

In flight. At the Gap, @stkildan

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