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New York, New York medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: New York, New York

Vienna Pharaon (@mindfulmft) Instagram Profile Photo

Vienna Pharaon

Maybe it was an addict parent. Maybe you were ushered back and forth between two households after the divorce. Maybe you moved around the country more times than you can count. Maybe a parent was always dating someone new. Maybe your sibling was in and out of the home. Maybe you were being abused. Maybe a parent tried to come back into your life only to re-abandon. Or maybe a parents mental health left you walking on eggshells. I don’t know your details, but what I do know is that if you grew up in a system where predictability and consistency weren’t pillars, then it’s critical you begin to create some of that for yourself. Without predictability and consistency it’s easy for our internal systems to always be on edge. It’s easy for the system to be in a threat response state a lot of the time waiting for something [bad] to happen. Maybe you look calm and collected in the outside, but the insides can be telling a very different story. We need structure and order to help our systems predict in healthy ways. No, that doesn’t mean that flexibility or adventure is off the table. It just means that it’s important for our systems to trust that we will follow through with something every day that it can predict is happening. This can range from making your bed, to making yourself breakfast, to journaling or meditating, to going for a midday walk, to having a nighttime ritual and routine, or to going to sleep at the same time every night. What do you do to give your system a sense of ease? What can your system count on you for? What can’t it count on you for? What impact does that have? __________ The Couples Retreat www.thebestcouplesretreat.com 10/10-10/14 Dominican Republic ONE SPOT LEFT — is it you?!?

Food52 (@food52) Instagram Profile Photo


Excuse us while we dive right into these figgy beauties. Keep tagging your pics with and we'll share our favs all week long! // 📸: @thecuttingveg

Matt Hunter 👀 (@matthunter123) Instagram Profile Photo

Matt Hunter 👀

Gracias NYC por la energia 🔥❤️ @gashi love you brother

Stadium Goods (@stadiumgoods) Instagram Profile Photo

Stadium Goods

Carolina Blues. Virgil Abloh leaves no stone unturned as he continues to de-and-reconstruct classic Jordan Brand designs, this time tapping an original; the “UNC” colorway of the Air Jordan 1.

Breafrank (@breafrank) Instagram Profile Photo


ALERTA LOCAL 🚨 cierran puente George Washington Bridge por hallazgo de posible dispositivo explosivo. . Hay actividad policial, escuadrón anti bombos también en la zona. . Aplicación Univision nueva York . .mas detalles en @lagozaderany de

Patrick Page (@pagepatrick) Instagram Profile Photo

Patrick Page

TBT— As Norman Osborn with Reeve Carney as Peter Parker and Jennifer Damiano as MARY Jane in “Spiderman—Turn Off The Dark” on Broadway. Did you see it? Which version? Do you have the album? @hadestown @marvel @reevecarney @jenndamiano_

thanks for the fun night @tasteoftennis 🤩

NYC last weekend was a huge vibe. I started the Gryffin project right here in this city and to feel that energy and love from you guys made it one of my favorite shows ever. Can't wait to bring the Gravity II Live show to more cities and see you all soon! ❤️

You vs The World 📀 OUT NOW (@yalee) Instagram Profile Photo

You vs The World 📀 OUT NOW

My album making some noise ✍🏾🔥 "The Source Magazine" private performance 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥📀 1v1 ALBUM OUT NOW

Emaza, The Skinny Legend 👼🏽🏆 (@emazadilan) Instagram Profile Photo

Emaza, The Skinny Legend 👼🏽🏆

We on Times Square 🥺❤️ I wouldn’t wanna do this with anyone else @sigh.air ✨ this is only the beginning! Love you always 😘 and thank you mama for always supporting @sandrabthe1 😭 lub u

CAMILA COELHO (@camilacoelho) Instagram Profile Photo


Got to explore a bit after today’s meetings! The Vessel is so gorgeous up close! 🧡 ————- Consegui explorar a cidade um pouquinho depois das reuniões (antes de voltar pro aero)! Amei ir conhecer o Vessel no Hudson Yards (se forem não deixem de passar no Mercado Little Spain)!

Melanie Chandra (@melaniechandra) Instagram Profile Photo

Melanie Chandra

NOT playing doctor this time! (Save that for powerhouse @alysiareiner). . .

Luca Padovan (@moreorlesluca) Instagram Profile Photo

Luca Padovan

If you want to hear @jonasbrothers best bops sung by all of these really COOL people, you have to come to ! My sister and I used to (and still do) belt these songs at the top of our lungs so I can’t wait for this!!! Go to the link in my bio to buy your tickets for September 8th! 🎸🔥🤘🏻

CERAADI (@ceraadi) Instagram Profile Photo


BIHHH WE ON TIMES SQUARE! 🙌🏽 Knocking things off the bucket-list 😭👏🏽 We worked so hard to get where we are today! We only going up from here!!! Beyond blessed ❤️

DAZN USA (@dazn_usa) Instagram Profile Photo


Bring On October 5th 👊 .

Sophia Hutchins (@hutchins_sophia) Instagram Profile Photo

Sophia Hutchins

Date night ❤️

Hung Vanngo (@hungvanngo) Instagram Profile Photo

Hung Vanngo

Working on it...💪🏼😛😂 @tainofitness

Sofia Kenin (@sofia.kenin) Instagram Profile Photo

Sofia Kenin

Love @tasteoftennis event in NY! Great food and atmosphere is unreal:))

Dave 1 (@dave1) Instagram Profile Photo

Dave 1

File under: I wish my 16 year-old self could see this. Such an honor to chop it up with cultural ambassador @chinobyi (literally one of the best raconteurs I’ve ever witnessed) & the elusive @joz_and_easy (one of the cleanest, most iconic and recognizable tags of all time) for @beyondthestreetsart. For @atrak & I, two students of the game from Montreal, graffiti was our first love and our gateway into hip hop (and then funk & electronic music) culture. We’ll forever be fans.

The St. Regis New York (@stregisnewyork) Instagram Profile Photo

The St. Regis New York

“Very excited to be back in New York and staying at glamorous @stregisnewyork. Looking forward to a great stay!” @karolinapliskova

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