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Nyvågar Rorbuhotell medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Nyvågar Rorbuhotell

Parting shot from - back flip into the cold Norwegian Sea before diving into the @outdoorretailer trade show. Here's to all the beautiful places. Those we've seen, and those we dream to see... Where's your's?... 📷: @johncollinson @thenorthface

Engla Falk (@englafalk) Instagram Profile Photo

Engla Falk

Bilden va värd de 20 myggbett på rumpan som jag fick:))

camillasørli (@camillasoerli) Instagram Profile Photo


Morgendagens fjelltopp🙌🏻 We❤️

Bente Størmer Steira (@bentesteira) Instagram Profile Photo

Bente Størmer Steira

Skål for kjærligheten ❤️️

Ulrika Lundholm (@ulli_lundholm) Instagram Profile Photo

Ulrika Lundholm

Blev en riktigt kul avslutning på dag 2. 👌🏼

Lisa Blom (@blomsa) Instagram Profile Photo

Lisa Blom

Here it is, my new office! Seen worse places..

RANJA ANNIE HELMERSEN (@ranjahelmersen) Instagram Profile Photo


Elska denne dama❤️bla for verdens fineste konfirmant

Kristoffer Nohr Unstad (@krayuns) Instagram Profile Photo

Kristoffer Nohr Unstad

Landligge utenfor Kabelvåg.


Katie Lambert (@katiebirdlambert) Instagram Profile Photo

Katie Lambert

I've taken a liking to the fishing life here in .

After 3 days of meetings in Deauville, and some Air France strikes... we made it to the Lower Arctic region and we were welcomed by these northern lights! All worth the hassle!! Wow is an understatement - photo credit @nzagallai

Monika Kransvik (@monikakransvik) Instagram Profile Photo

Monika Kransvik

Gratulerer så mye med konfirmasjonsdagen til min favoritt datter ❤️ @amandakransvik ❤️ Du er fantastisk 🥰

Katharina Kiéck (@barefootahoi) Instagram Profile Photo

Katharina Kiéck

This weeks office! 📷 @despiritosanto 🤗

Henriette Edvardsen (@henriette.edvardsen) Instagram Profile Photo

Henriette Edvardsen

Classic Norway Hotels™️ (@classicnorwayhotels) Instagram Profile Photo

Classic Norway Hotels™️

På jakt etter Nordlys? Bestill rom på @nyvagar_lofoten. Der har du nordlyset rett utenfor døra 🙂

This wood hot tub was extra awesome after jumping in the freezing ocean📍Kabelvåg, Norway

In a place where in former days, whale hunters would prepare to get out to the rough, cold sea, loyalsea Co-Founder @capitanho prepares (and hopes ) for whale high waves at Unstad, Flakstad or the more hidden surf spots of Lofoten Islands. photo by @josselin

Denne tiden på året handler det om eventyr der ute og kos her inne — This time a year its all about the great adventure outside and the coziness inside 📸 @jelledobma.photography

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