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Plano, Texas medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Plano, Texas

Dianna Russini (@diannaespn) Instagram Profile Photo

Dianna Russini

Met incredible new friends at @libertymutual today. Thank you for being wonderful hosts as the best insurance company in all the land!

So much happened on my last show in Plano, TX last night. Tomorrow’s @alnpodcast will have the whole story🤘🎧🎉

a l ι  н a l l o c ĸ 🌷 (@alihallock) Instagram Profile Photo

a l ι н a l l o c ĸ 🌷

All three of them did really well and are sleeping in their recovery rooms. They’re keeping Brody on Benadryl and steroids throughout the day and while we’re here through tomorrow. But, he was able to tolerate the anesthesia really well! Much better than everyone expected! Such a huge relief. The girls will be in the post-op recovery room for a few more hours. My beautiful mama is in there with them. I’m currently with Brody bear getting settled into his room, but have been bouncing back & forth to check on my sweet girls! Brother even got to FaceTime with his sisters for a minute. Thank you all for the sweet texts and messages today, they’ve help calm my anxious mama heart so much.♥️

Nadia Geer (@_nadia27) Instagram Profile Photo

Nadia Geer

Summer deserves a speeding ticket 🎫 Ps. @aerie I’d be more then happy to sponsor you😍

Paris DuPré (@oohlalaparis) Instagram Profile Photo

Paris DuPré

Let’s go G.N.O! It’s a girl’s night! 💕🥳

DaishaView (@daishaview) Instagram Profile Photo


Taco Tuesdayyyy

I’ve missed my girls💖💖

madison rose (@madisonrparks) Instagram Profile Photo

madison rose

so this time we went out just to take pics and decided not to even eat here...but hey we had fun! 🤪

ᴀʟʟɪᴇ ʟʏᴏɴs (@allie_lyons_) Instagram Profile Photo

ᴀʟʟɪᴇ ʟʏᴏɴs

swipe right to see 3 peas in a pod🤩🤩

RYLEE JORDAN (@ryleejordan1) Instagram Profile Photo


gno for the winnnn

kick-ass night 👾

Feelin a little bold today 🤷🏻‍♂️

Adham Asi ادهم (@ad_jj) Instagram Profile Photo

Adham Asi ادهم

Peep the last picture🥶 . . Mabrook @hiyammy_w 🇵🇸

New product! Officially on shelves July 28!! Let me know your favourite flavour!

listen i didn’t mean to post the same pic as anu but it happened and im ok with it if u are

Deandra Kanu (@deandrakanu) Instagram Profile Photo

Deandra Kanu

Having no filter and being honestly and truly me is my super power. 🐅

Inti Brittan-Karshud (@intisara) Instagram Profile Photo

Inti Brittan-Karshud

Remember that girl that moved from Belgium? She lives in Texas now.

dianne radic🌻🦋💗 (@dianneradical) Instagram Profile Photo

dianne radic🌻🦋💗

jeeping it real w them😎☀️

emmy melchi (@emilymelchi) Instagram Profile Photo

emmy melchi

thankful for an amazing week & this boy💕

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