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Cody Haberstroh (@codyhaber) Instagram Profile Photo

Cody Haberstroh

Took the kid to the range this morning. He’s getting to be a pretty good shot. #22lr

fantasyweaponssafe (@fantasyweaponssafe) Instagram Profile Photo


Loved the CZ and Springfield M6 Scouts, but used prices in Australia were pushing $1300. Was stoked to see TPS Arms pick up the design and offer three variants (maybe a fourth by the end of 2020) and make improvements as well. But the killer has been a lack of video reviews. David Canterbury does an unboxing video and that is it? Send me one in 22LR over 410gauge and I’ll do a review 😜 I have given up asking for more reviews, but somehow I still want one? 🤔 #22lr

Srewolf - Airsoft Sniper (@srewolf_airsoft) Instagram Profile Photo

Srewolf - Airsoft Sniper

Lakecity Shooting Range

Doing a speed loading test!!! Just under 3 seconds! &p15-22pistol #22lr

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