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5.45 AKs suppress extremely well. This 12.5” AK74 is WAY quieter than my 7.62s or any of my 5.56 ARs and with KNS piston zero gas to the face. . . #545x39

Krebs Custom Guns (@krebs_custom) Instagram Profile Photo

Krebs Custom Guns

@13cgunreviews running our safety, M4 adapter and our rails! • • • • • • 5.45x39 or 7.62x39? Sometimes you have to take a moment to appreciate the only thing communism produced that actually works. These two are decked out with @krebs_custom rails, the 5.45 on the top has their peep sight rear and the bottom their AR15 buffer tube conversion. Don't forget about their raffle to benefit Maureen's family, swipe for more info ----> #545x39

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Is it possible to say no to a russian made AK74m? #545x39

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Gun Porn & General Awesomeness

😍😍😍😍 Credit to from @arsenal.inc (@get_regrann) - What are your thoughts on matching all your gear? —- @ltmrefinishingllc with the ! —- Posted @withrepost@ltmrefinishingllc The bug out set up. Arsenal SGl-31, G19, BDS plate carrier with AR500 plates. Rifle is finished in Multicam and the G19 is CeraKote foliage green. - #545x39

Gleb(HGIC) Dima (A-HGIC) (@artoftheak) Instagram Profile Photo

Gleb(HGIC) Dima (A-HGIC)

If only I had snagged one of those cool vickers limited edition slings to compliment this rifle😤 -DIMA - - - - #545x39 #🇷🇺

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Hard to believe it’s been just over a year since I trained alongside and became friends with this fine trio of warriors! We were supposed to meet in Bulgaria this spring, but there ended up being a hiccup in scheduling at the last minute. Hopefully our paths cross again soon! 🇨🇭🇨🇦 🇧🇬💪 #545x39

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