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ᒍOᑎIᑕᗩ 🌱 (@itsjonica_) Instagram Profile Photo

ᒍOᑎIᑕᗩ 🌱

I absolutely DEVASTATED about the fires that are raging through . I also disgusted and disappointed by the lack of media coverage. @cnn where y’all at on this??? One of our planet’s most valuable and sustainable natural resources is being decimated and it’s taken 3 weeks for this to become even semi mainstre media news. At that I found out via social media. 🤦‍♀️ This world keeps getting scarier and scarier all the time. 💔😭 azonrainforestfires azonfires #activism

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Katie Capone

I know this is old but it's still happening. Why are we allowing these to make our laws? We are in a plutocracy and our congress is part of it. Shut off the TV and stop watching your 9th episode of Law & Order SVU for the day and look at what is actually happening to you and your countrymen. Wake the up! Why are you working 40 hours a week doing with no benefits and remaining silent when these give themselves luxuries? Wtf is wrong with you? Stop being so afraid, stand up and demand equality. Plutocrats = nobility but instead of royalty you just have money. It's no different. Stop letting this happen to you and your children, demand fair treatment and an end to tax slavery. NOW. . . . . . . 🇺🇸 #activism

Hello to all! We all hope you had an amazing summer! It’s finally time to get back into the swing of things! Come and join us tomorrow (and for the rest of the year 😉) during lunch, in Room 222! Hope to see some new faces! • • #activism

i had no idea this was happening and this is so important. the amazon is such a vital ecosystem. if it burns we all burn with it. SPREAD THE WORD!!! • • • • • • • • • • #activism

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Youth Climate Lobby

This summer is officially one of the hottest in recorded history. In the 140 years of recorded temperatures, this June was the hottest June ever recorded. The nearly unprecedented heat of June continued into July; July of 2019 was both the hottest July and the hottest overall month ever recorded. July was 1.71 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the average temperature for the month, while June was 0.71 degrees fahrenheit hotter than its average. The intensity of this change in temperature was prominent in countries across the world. France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and Luxembourg endured the hottest recorded day in each of their nations’ histories. Arctic and Antarctic sea ice were reduced to historic lows as well, while the whole continent of Africa experienced its hottest recorded month. Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the Arctic all experienced unprecedented heat. By looking at these tangible factors, like ice loss and temperature increase, it is easy to see the implications and impacts of climate change. The climate crisis is not in the future: it’s happening right now. (Sources: CNN, NBC, & Time)

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