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Adam Kraut

Traded @theguncollective for another 17L. Dual long bois. Some cool. Stuff in the works for this one. #algdefense

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Impact Shooting Center

A little rifle-length love that's not your average Colt clone. . Back in the day, Colt did actually make a lot of commercial models that didn't see a lot of fame. This is based on one, the 711, and it's a close relative to a very successful model. . The Colt 711 featured the A1 upper, A2 furniture and other upgrades, and an A1-profile barrel. Its close cousin, the 715, featured just about everything listed but with a heavier barrel and case deflector. The 715 served as the basis for the C7 as adopted by the Canadian Forces. . I think the 711 embodies every good attribute of the early AR-15/M16. It's handy, utilitarian, light, and very comfortable at the shoulder. I took a liberty with the upper, as it is a C7 upper with case deflector, but I thought that change was worthwhile. . The build is a Brownells 1:7 A1 barrel, Luth C7 upper, Aero M4 lower, Colt BCG, and a mix of dominantly Colt small bits with some Brownells stuff. Trigger is an ALG QMS, and I'm running a Sprinco buffer spring. . #ALGdefense


Figured I’d go into detail about what’s in this guy, so here’s all the parts so far on this FDE and gray boy. -Colt Buffer tube Burnt Bronze - @aero_precision Pistol lower FDE -Aero Stripped Upper Tungsten - @geissele lower parts kit - @geissele super 42 braided buffer spring - @algdefense combat trigger -Stealth gray Sba3 @sb.tactical -Stealth gray @magpul Moe k2 grip -Coyote Splitfix @wise_men_company -Cloud Defensive COR v1 Handguard OTW FDE -Tungsten end plate -FDE forward assist -Aero Stripped Upper Tungsten #algdefense

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